The Newer Lands

Imre's Dream Journal: Stable Preparations

Imre smiles to himself. The deep forest magic is a pocket full of sugar lumps.

the town men are busy, this is my chance, that priest Devar is fiddling with his fetishes, the Wil-creature is, no, let’s not think about what he’s doing but he’s looking elsewhere, and Serge, where did he find the time today to put horns on another man, if Rolli wants to stay with these men maybe we should saltpetre his food for our own safety from jealous husbands I’ll talk to him about that later but now is the working

Imre puts one arm around a post and grabs it with his other hand. His eyes roll back, his head droops, and he starts to stumble.

my spirit body leaves my flesh i see the room with my true sight, the sky tide is ebbed, the aurae of the horses and devar are a gentle blue serge’s and the woman’s flushed with red all as expected, wil is a churning mass of yellow and green and that’s not a color and wait he’s looking at me how is he looking at me he should be facing the other way he was facing the other way i can still see his material body and hes facing the other way but hes still looking at me but its not a spirit body it cant follow me i must go

Imre’s sprit form rises. He can feel the presence of Old Man River, but the path to the Gate is clear and he rushes into it. Into darkness.

where am i i cannot see my arms my legs my mouth i eat i move i eat i move a tremor a disturbance my body pinched folded brought to light ROBIN i greet you ROBIN i hail you ROBIN my body my own my drum in hand i beat the rhythm i fly til i find him my BROTHER dear BROTHER BULL oh my BROTHER the WOLF he runs i cannot follow him my BROTHER oh i beg you my BROTHER run with him so the WOLF is not alone

The great bull regards the little shaman. With a puff of his nostrils

my body flies, i clap three times CLAP in darkness CLAP i hover above my self in the barracks CLAP i return

Imre straightens up and releases the pole. He blinks to clear his vision and re-anchor his senses in the material world. The deed is done, der Wolf will have company on the trail.

“Wilandris, dear sir do you know where your old friend Rolli is? ...”

Wait, now Wil is facing him.

how could i be so careless



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