The Newer Lands

The Regent's Shilling


The conditions of our last meeting were less than ideal. It is regrettable that allies should come to be at another’s throats over what, in retrospect, seems a trivial concern. I am given to believe that you might be busy, so I will be brief:

Though relations between our governments have cooled, Stormpoint remains fully committed to fulfilling its obligations as dictated by the treaty laid down before the Sera Council. To that end my government requests the counsel of the chief ranking officer entrusted in gnollish naval affairs in your command, as available, to implement the conditions of the treaty pertaining to;

Article I, common maritime law,
Article II, the joint development of naval doctrine,
Article III, mutual cooperation in strategic defense,
Article IV, the management of commerce and war materiel at sea, and
Article V, the establishment of patrolled sea lanes and maritime boundaries.

We are aware that the situation on the front is indeed in flux and understand that this requirement may not be possible to meet to our satisfaction. In such case, an adjutant will suffice. As you are currently engaged in an active theater of war I believe you will forgive me for not disclosing specifics.




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