Captain Avadranal Falraen

Captain Falraen is an officer in the Sevenfold Expeditionary Fleet, who acts as an observer in the Duchy of Baelamar. Falraen's true mission was the destruction of the ebon spire coven, a mission which brought him into conflict with the dragonslayers


Falraen is a capable warrior, leader, and ship’s captain, with decades of experience, and has apparently been inducted into the holy faith of the god Erathis. The wizard Peldos suggests that he may be a match for even the mightiest of the heroes, while the shades of the Ebon Spire coven described him as a ‘Paladin’. He wields some political and military power due to his rank and special status, and maye also have other assets at his disposal. He commands one of the rare eladrin Gate-Ships, a tall ship housing a gate circle, which is also capable of short and long distance teleportation in certain circumstances.


Captain Falraen is an officer in the Sevenfold Expeditionary Fleet, and acts as an observer in the Duchy of Baelamar. He and Pierrot Pierrot were friends at the naval academy where they recived their training, and he helped the younger student seek an army commision after he was ousted from the academy.

Falraen’s influence over the events surrounding the party is clearly considerable. The group was brought together by a series of letters apparently sent by the captain, although he later claimed that these missives were forgeries.

When Falraen first met the heroes, he appeared to be an ally to them, but even early in their adventures some of the heroes begun to doubt his motives. Notheless, they remained on civil terms with him until quite recently, even fighting back to back with him to defend the Content Not Found: LanternofTruth from attackers who raided his ship while it lay in the White River during the Whitewater War.

By the end of this battle however, the party’s suspicions have apparently been confirmed, as Falraen and the renegade Lord Aiden Bennett absconded with the Lantern. While there are many theories, the heroes are not sure of the good captain’s motives, but having arrived in Baelamar City ahead of him and his accomplices, they fully intended to find out.

After arriving in Baelamar via a portal at the mage’s academy, the group were attacked by assasins who apparently mistook them for Falraen and Benett. Interrogation suggested that the assasins may have intended to target Falraen instead, and had orders to avoid damaging Benett. At the same time the party gained the ptronage of Lord Ambrose, who was eager to oppose benett. The party tracked the assasin’s to their lair, and managed to thin their numbers and drive them into hiding, learning along the way of their relation to benett, and the role of a wizard, Jared of the academy. Falraen’s link to the conspiracy was not yet clear.

Falraen arrived soon after, carrying the lantern, along with Lord Bennett, who it was claimed was in his custody. The heroes defeated Lord Benett in a game of court intrigue, and Serge humiliated and maimed him in a duel in order to secure their victory. Benett apparently comitted suicide soon after. Later the group was lured by their patron Lord Ambrose to his chalet, where he and Falraen confronted them, and used the lantern of truth to reveal the true cause of Falraen’s plots- Edwin Malich, one of the heroes, was revealed as none other than jack of chains, once one of the most notorious members of the ebon spire coven.

Falraen demanded that Malich be executed on the spot, in accordance with a ritual of damnation. Pierrot disagreed, when it was revealed by mlaich that he was the only one able to end the threat of the ebon spire for good. Ambrose, Falraen, and their allies (including Catherine, Thalda Varax, and the dwarf mercenary x) fought the heroes in a pitched and bitter battle. The heroes had just gained the upper hand when Lord Benett, reborn as a vampire, attacked both groups with a horde of vampire spawn. The two groups joined forces and repelled the vampire lord, and Falraen pledged to follow Pierrot’s plan for the destruction of the spire.

Falraen assisted the party with his ship and crew, and the group sailed to the isles of the dead to confront the shades of the coven. Falraen was forced to bring Colonel Ardesh on this voyage, and warned pierrot of her ambition and designs on malich, making Pierrot swear an oath to bring malich back to him once the mission was complete, as they had agreed.

That was the last the group saw of Falraen. Ardesh later claimed to have him in custody, and it is likely that he was released after the surrender of Malich, Dorvan, and Pierrot to Ardesh, in the aftermath of their battle. His present status is unknown, but Pierrot has recently learnt that he has been promoted to captain, and given Falraen’s old post as observer in the newer lands.

Captain Avadranal Falraen

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