Alex Clayton

Master and Archmage of Silver Spire Academy


Alex Clayton

  • Level 22 Human Wizard (Mage)/Enigmatic Mage (Illusion)/Archmage
  • Unaligned, No Deity
  • Background: Scholar (+2 Arcana)

*Str: 20 (5)
*Con: 20 (
*Dex: 20 (5)
*Int: 26 (
*Wis: 20 (5)
*Cha: 20 (

*Arcana: +39
*Diplomacy: +21
*Dungeoneering: +24
*History: +29
*Insight: +38
*Nature: +24
*Perception: +38
*Religion: +27

*Languages: Common, Abyssal, Deep Speech, Draconic, Primordial, Supernal

* +2 Intelligence
* Medium Size
* Speed 6
* Normal Vision
* Bonus Feat, Bonus Skill
* +1 to Reflex, Fortitude, and Will Defense

* 10 + Constitution HP + 4/Level, 6 + Con Surges, +2 Will

* Staff of Defense: +1 AC, add Constitution to defense against one attack as immediate interrupt
* Cantrips: Use Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation at will
* Ritual Casting: Start with 3 rituals, gain another at level 5, 11, 15, 21, and 25
* Spellbook: Know 2 Daily/Utilities per level

* Mage Spells: 3 Cantrips, 2 At-Will Attacks, Magic Missile, 2 Encounter Attacks/Daily Attacks/Utilities at each appropriate level

* Mage’s Spellbook: Your spellbook holds your encounter attack, daily attack, and utility spells.
Each day you prepare spells from your book to use that day. Use the last day’s spells if you lose the book.
You can’t prepare more than one spell from the same category of a given level.
Level 16-21 Mage: 3 Encounter attacks, 3 Daily attacks, 4 Utility Attacks per day.
Paragon Path and Epic Destiny powers are gained and used outside of this system

* Mage Schools: Illusion Apprentice (A target you hit with an arcane illusion power takes -2 to its next attack roll on you UEONT)
Illusion Expert (+2 to Bluff and Stealth)
Illusion Master (Target hit or missed by an illusion power grants CA to the first attack against it UEONT)

Red Wizardry Apprentice (Enemies take -2 to their first saving throw against your effects)
Red Wizardry Expert (+2 to Bluff and Intimidate)

* Master of Lore: +3 to Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, and Religion

* Enigmatic Action – Illusion: Add Wisdom modifier to AC and Reflex UEONT when spending an AP for an extra action.
* Enigmatic Spellcasting: Gain Enigmatic Spellcasting power
* Enigmatic Spell Lore: Gain Enigmatic Spell Lore power

* Epic Prowess: Critically hit on a roll of 19 or 20.
* Spell Mastery: Add a +1 bonus to all attack rolls.
* Spell Recall: At the beginning of the day, choose one prepared daily attack spell. Chosen spell can be used twice.

*Free Bonus: Climate Control (Use Arcana in place of Endurance 1/day)
*Human Bonus: Linguist (Learn 3 Languages: Abyssal, Deep Speech, and Primordial)
*Character 1: Skill Focus – Arcana (3 to Arcana checks)
*Character 2: Thalda Varax Style (Prof. with Accurate Staff, +Tier feat bonus to staff damage)
*Character 4: Arcane Prodigy (Sorcerer skill training, +2/3/4 to one damage roll per encounter)
*Character 6: Sorcerous Vision (Use Arcana in place of Insight and Perception)
*Character 8: Ritual Caster (May cast rituals)
*Character 10: Vistani Heritage (
2 diplomacy witha arcanists, gain Evil Eye of the Vistani power)
*Character 11: Prophetic Preparation (Swap one daily attack and one utility spell per day as free actions)
*Character 12: Arcane Familiar – Book Imp (1 to familiar defenses for every other Familiar feat)
*Character 14: Enlarge Spell (Add 1 to the Blast or Burst on a wizard at-will or encounter power, -2 damage per die)
*Character 16: Superior Will (
4 feat bonus to Will, save against any Daze or Stun at start of turn)
*Character 18: Dual Implement Spellcaster (Add both implements to arcane power damage)
*Character 20: Unarmored Agility (2 feat bonus to AC)
*Character 21: Improved Defenses (
3 feat bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will)
*Character 22: Expanded Spellbook (Add an extra daily attack of each level to spellbook)


  • Cumulative +1 Attack at levels 1/11/21
  • Gain any Sorcerer skill from Arcane Prodigy feat
  • Immortal


  • LIGHT (Minor, Range 5) Object or point radiates light four squares out
  • PRESTIDIGITATION (Standard, Range 2) A bunch of cool useless magic tricks
  • MAGE HAND (Minor, Ranged 5) Pick up or manipulate an object weighing 20lbs or less, move as move action, sustain minor


  • MAGIC MISSILE (V) (Standard, Ranged 20, one creature)
    Effect: 3 + Int + Implement enhancement bonus force damage.
    Special: You can use this power as a ranged basic attack.
  • STONE BLOOD (T) (Standard, Area Burst 1 Within 10, Intelligence vs. Fortitude of creatures in the burst)
    Hit: 1d6 + Int damage and the target is slowed UEONT.
  • WINGED HORDE (I) (Standard, Area Burst 1 within 10, Intelligence vs. Will of enemies in the burst)
    Hit: 1d6 psychic damage and target cannot take opportunity actions UEONT.

FEAT: EVIL EYE OF THE VISTANI (Minor, Ranged 10, Intelligence + 3/tier vs. Will)
Hit: Target grants CA to you and cannot willingly move closer UEONT.

1: CHILL STRIKE (V) (Standard, Ranged 10, Int vs. Fortitude)
Hit: 2d8 + Int cold damage and dazed UEONT.
Miss: Slowed UEONT.

1: ICY TERRAIN (V) (Standard, Area Burst 1 within 10, Int vs. Reflex of each creature in burst)
Hit: 1d6 + Int cold damage and prone.
Effect: Burst creates a zone in which ground is difficult terrain UEONT or until ended as a minor.

3: COLOR SPRAY (V) (Standard, Close Blast 5, Intelligence vs. Will of each creature in burst)
Hit: 1d6 + radiant damage and dazed UEONT.

3: SHOCK SPHERE (V) (Standard, Area Burst 2 within 10, Int vs. Reflex of each creaturein burst)
Hit: 2d6 + Int lightning damage.
Miss: Half damage.

7: FIRE SEA TRAVEL (V) (Standard, Close Burst 1, Intelligence vs. Reflex of each creature in burst)
Hit: 2d6 + Int fire damage and target cannot see farther than 3 squares UEONT.
Effect: You teleport 5.

7: TWIST OF SPACE (Standard, Area Burst 1 Within 10, Intelligence vs. Will of each creature in burst)
Hit: 1d6 + Int damage, and target is teleported 3 and slowed UEONT.

11: NOLZUR’S SHADE SPELL (I) (Minor, Personal)
Effect: Gain the use of an encounter attack power in spellbook up to level 7.
The spell has the Illusion keyword and attacks Will but is otherwise identical to its normal version.

13: THUNDERLANCE (V) (Standard, Close Blast 5, Int vs. Fort of each creature in blast)
Hit: 4d6 + Int thunder damage and push 4.
Miss: Push 4.

13: PRISMATIC BURST (V) (Standard, Area Burst 2 within 20, Int vs Will of each creature in the burst)
Hit: 3d6 + Int radiant damage and blinded UEONT.
Miss: Until end of target’s next turn, creatures have concealment against the target.

17: CRUSHING TITAN’S FIST (V) (Standard, Area Burst 2 within 20, Intelligence vs. Reflex)
Hit: 3d8 + Int force damage and target is immobilized UEONT.
Effect: UEONT or until dismissed as a minor, entering a square in the burst costs 4 extra squares of movement.

17: ICY TOMB (V) (Standard, Ranged 20, Int vs. Reflex)
Hit: 3d10 + Int cold damage, stunned and outside of line of effect UEONT.
Miss: Slowed UEONT.

1: FLAMING SPHERE (V) (Standard, Ranged 10, Int vs. Reflex)
Effect: Flaming sphere appears, dealing 1d4+Int to those starting adjacent, and attacks. Move 6 as move action.
Hit: 2d6 + Int fire damage.
Sustain Minor: The sphere persists.

1: PHANTOM CHASM (I) (Standard, Area Burst 1 within 10, Int vs. Will of each enemy in burst)
Hit: 2d6 + Int psychic, target falls prone, target is immobilized UEONT.
Miss: Half damage, target falls prone.
Effect: Burst becomes an encounter-long zone that causes enemies entering it to fall prone.

1: WIZARD’S FURY (Minor)
Effect: For the rest of the encounter, you can cast Magic Missile once per round as a minor action.

5: SCATTERING SHOCK (V) (Standard, Area Burst 3 within 10, Int vs. Fortitude)
Hit: Slide target 2 squares.
Effect: Make a secondary attack, Int vs. Reflex, on one enemy in the burst and each creature adjacent to that enemy.
Secondary Hit: 2d8 + Int lightning damage.
Secondary Miss: Half damage.

5: THUNDERSTAFF (V) (Immediate Interrupt when an enemy moves to within 2 squares, Intelligence vs. Fortitude)
Hit: 2d6 + Int thunder damage, and the target is deafened and dazed UEONT.
Miss: Half damage, and the target is deafened UEONT.
Effect: Push the target 5 squares.

5: VISIONS OF AVARICE (I) (Standard, Area Burst 5 within 10)
Effect: Center of burst becomes zone.
Primary Hit: Pull 4, Immobilized(Save Ends) if landing in or adjacent to zone.
Sustain Minor: Close Burst 5 centered on zone, Pull 4 on hit.

9: MELF’S MINUTE METEORS (Standard, Personal)
Effect: Gain five globes of fire until end of encounter. Enemies that hit with melee attacks take 3 fire damage per globe.
SECONDARY POWER (Minor once per round while at least one globe remains, Ranged 20, Int vs. Reflex)
Hit: 2d4 + Int fire damage and ongoing fire 5 (save ends), or increase ongoing fire by 5. One globe is expended.

9: WALL OF FIRE (Standard, Wall 8 within 10 squares)
Effect: Firewall is up to 4 squares high, blocks line of sight, and each square costs 3 extra squares to enter.
Entering wall or starting inside inflicts 3d6+Int fire up to once per turn, starting adjacent incurs 1d6+Int fire.

9: VISIONS OF RUIN (I) (Standard, Area Burst 1 Within 10, Intelligence vs. Will)
Effect: Create zone, target forced to leave zone takes 2d8+Int psychic and is free, effect ends when no creatures are affected.
Hit: Target affected by visions of ruin (save ends), cannot voluntarily leave zone or gain LOS outside zone.
Miss: Target cannot voluntarily leave zone or gain LOS outside zone UEONT.
Special: Creature partly outside zone who is hit/missed can only move into squares within zone.

15: EVARD’S DREADFUL MIST (Standard, Area Burst 2 within 20, Int vs. Will)
Hit: Immobilized (Save Ends)
Miss: Slowed (Save Ends)
Effect: Creates a zone that blocks line of sight UEONT. Can use attack power from squares within the zone.
Sustain Minor: Zone persists.
ATTACK POWER (Opportunity, CB1 on enemy entering or starting in zone, Int vs. Reflex for 2d10+Int psychic damage)

15: WALL OF ICE (Standard, Wall 12 within 10 squares)
Effect: Six square solid wall lasts for an hour. Creatures starting adjacent to it take 2d6+Int cold damage.
Each square of the wall has caster’s defenses, 50 hp, and Vulnerable 25 fire. Wall’s melee attackers take 2d6 cold.

15: PRISMATIC BEAMS (V) (Standard, Close Blast 5 Enemies, Int vs. Fortitude, Reflex,and Will)
Hits Fortitude: Ongoing 10 poison (save ends)
Hits Reflex: 2d6 + Int fire damage, ongoing 5 fire (save ends)
Hits Will: Dazed (save ends)

19: CLOUDKILL (Standard, Area burst 5 within 20 squares, Int vs. Fortitude)
Hit: 1d10 + Int poison damage.
Effect: Burst becomes a heavily obscured zone UEONT. Creatures entering or starting in the zone take 10 + Int poison damage.
Creatures can’t take this damage more than once per turn. As a move action, may move zone up to 3 squares.
Sustain Minor: Zone persists UEONT.

19: MASS TRANSFORMATION (Standard, each enemy in an Area Burst 2 within 20, Int vs. Fortitude)
Hit: The target turns into a Tiny beast of your choice (save ends)
Aftereffect: The target takes 3d8+your Intelligence modifier damage from the transformation.
Miss: The target turns into a Tiny beast of your choice until the end of its next turn.
Effect: As a Tiny beast, the target is dazed and can only move its speed or shift. If it takes any damage the effect ends.

19: WRATH OF BATTLE (Standard, each enemy in an Area Burst 2 within 20)
Effect: Each target Slides 3 and makes a melee basic attack against a target of your choice.
If that attack misses, the target of this power takes 15 psychic damage.
RACE: HEROIC EFFORT (No Action, Personal) Add 4 to a failed attack roll or saving throw.

ENCOUNTER FEAT: ARCANE PRODIGY (Free) Add (1+Tier) to next damage roll.

DAILY FEAT: PROPHETIC PREPARATION (Free) Swap one prepared daily attack spell for another.
DAILY FEAT: PROPHETIC PREPARATION (Free) Swap one prepared utility spell for another.

2E: ARCANE INSIGHT (Free, Personal)
Trigger: Roll shitty Arcana check
Effect: Roll a second time, use either check

2E: SHIELD (Immediate Interrupt, Personal)
Trigger: You are hit by an attack
Effect: +4 power bonus to AC and Reflex until end of next turn.

6D: SUMMON IRON COHORT (Minor, Close Burst 2)
Effect: Small iron cohort appears in an unoccupied square in the burst. It has Speed 6 and +2 AC.
Immediate Interrupt: If the iron cohort is adjacent to you, it becomes the target of a melee or ranged attack against you.

6D: WIZARD’S ESCAPE (Immediate Interrupt, Personal)
Trigger: Hit by melee attack.
Effect: Teleport 5 squares to space not adjacent to enemy.

10D: ILLUSORY WALL (Standard, Area Wall 8 within 20)
Effect: Create a 4 square high apparently solid wall UEONT. It blocks line of sight for enemies
When an enemy moves adjacent to the wall, make an Int vs. Will attack on it. Hit: the target cannot move through the wall this turn.
The creature can try again in subsequent turns and if the attack misses it can see or move through the wall freely.
Sustain Minor: The wall persists. It can be sustained until the end of the encounter.

10D: WITCH’S REVERSAL (Free, Personal)
Trigger: You miss with at least two of an arcane power’s attack rolls.
Effect: Reroll the attack rolls that missed their targets and use the new results.

Effect: Swap one unexpended daily utility for another of the same level.

Effect: Swap one unexpended encounter attack for another of the same level or lower.

16D: BENEFICIENT TRANSFORMATION (Minor, Ranged 5, You or One Ally)
Effect: Choose a visible enemy; target of this power copies a movement mode, copies a Resist/Immunity as Resist 10, or copies a sense.

16D: SPATIAL LOCK (Standard, Area Burst 3 within 20)
Effect: Burst is a zone that blocks enemy teleportation/telportation powers/phasing, portals, extraplanar travel, and extradimensional spaces.
Sustain Minor: The zone persists.


  • Circlet of Continuity (No Action)If dazed or stunned at start of turn, sustain power normally requiring minor action to sustain.
  • Lurtaan’s Cord(Immediate Interrupt, Trigger: Hit by attack that deals typed nonweapon damage) Resist 5 against typed nonweapon UEONT.
  • Staff of the Magi (Minor)Destroy an adjacent conjuration or zone, ending all its effects.


  • Staff of the Magi (Free)Regain an expended arcane encounter power of the staff’s level or lower.
  • Staff of the Magi (Minor)Emanate a Close Burst 2 zone; as a move action, slide every creature in the zone 3 squares.
  • Ring of Resourceful Wizardry(Minor)Swap one prepared spellbook power for another of the same type its level or lower. Second use on milestone.
  • Timeless Locket(Minor)Gain a standard action which cannot be used to make an attack.
  • Winged Boots (Minor)Gain a Fly speed equal to your Speed until the end of the encounter.


  • Circlet of Continuity (+2 to saves vs Daze and Stun, Encounter Power)
  • 5 Defensive Accurate Staff (6 atk/+5 dmg, +5d8 critical, +1 item bonus to Fort, Ref, and Will)
  • 5 Accurate Staff of the Magi (6 atk/+5 dmg, +5d6 critical, +5 item bonus to Arcana, Various Powers)
  • 5 Timeless Locket (5 F/R/W, +5 Initiative)
  • Winged Boots (Never take fall damage and always land on feet, Daily Power)


  • Blessed Book (Spellbook, 121/1000 pages used)
  • Eternal Chalk (Infinite Writing)
  • Ring of Resourceful Wizardry (+4 item bonus to arcana, daily power)
  • Versatile Spellbook (Swap one wizard utility power in your spellbook after a short rest, encounter/encounter or daily/daily)
  • Book Imp Familiar (Speed 5, Fly 6 (Hover))
    —Passive Benefits: +2 Arcana, +2 History, Supernal language, Resist 5 Fire or increase Resist Fire by 2
    -Active Benefits: As a minor action, may turn invisible UEONT.


  • 4 Shimmering Mindweave (4 AC, +2 Will, Area and Ranged attacks don’t provoke OAs)
  • Handy Haversack (Weights 1lb, holds 1000lbs and 100 cubic feet, minor to draw from)
  • Lurtaan’s Cord (Encounter Power)
  • Adventurer’s Kit (10 Rations, 2 Sunrods)
  • Potion of Vitality (Minor, Surge becomes 25 hp and a Save)

[Equipment Slots]

  • Head: Circlet of Continuity
  • Implements: +5 Accurate Staff of the Magi, +5 Defensive Accurate Staff
  • Neck: +5 Timeless Locket
  • Body: +4 Shimmering Mindweave
  • Arms:
  • Hands:
  • Ring: Ring of Resourceful Wizardry
  • Waist: Lurtaan’s Cord
  • Feet: Winged Boots
  • Inventory: Blessed Book, Eternal Chalk, Handy Haversack, Versatile Spellbook
  • Gold: 215,000 gold pieces
  • Potions: Vitality


  • Passives: +21 Init, Speed 6, 47 Insight, 47 Perception
  • Int Attack Stats: 29/21 Damage (+5d8 Crit)
  • Evil Eye: +29 vs. Will
  • Hitpoints: 114/114 (0 temp), 11/11 Surges (Restore 27)
  • Defenses: AC: 35, Fort: 35, Ref: 38, Will: 40
  • Action Points: 1 AP (Gain Wis to AC/Reflex UEONT)
  • Saving Throws: +2 to save vs. daze/stun

Alex has gotten very far, but not far enough.

Alex Clayton

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