Wil. Who else would it be?

Likes: A lot of perfectly normal things. Dislikes: The usual

Wil. Who else would it be?
Half-Elf Warlock (Warlock) / Doomsayer / Draconic Incarnation
Level 24
Languages: Common, Elven, Deep Speech, Draconic

Str 20 ( +5) 
Con 22 ( +6) 
Dex 20 ( +5) 
Int 23 ( +6)
Wis 20 ( +5) 
Cha 29 ( +9) 

==Defenses and Senses==
AC:  36 
Fort: 38 
Ref: 38 
Will: 41 

Hit Points
Max HP:   149 
Bloodied:  74 
Surge:    37 
Surges/Day: 12 
Passive Perception: 27 
Passive Insight:   34 

Initiative: 17 
Speed:    6 
Vision:   Low-light

Conditional Defenses:
All Defenses +2 Warding Curse
AC +6 Intelligence modifier

==Race and Class Features==
Half-Elf Power Selection [Half-Elf]
Select an option for your half-elf character.
Dilettante [Half-Elf]
Gain 1st-level out-of-class at-will attack power as encounter power
Dual Heritage [Half-Elf]
Count as elf, half-elf, and human for feat prerequisites
Group Diplomacy [Half-Elf]
Allies within 10 sq. gain +1 to Diplomacy
Diplomacy Bonus [Half-Elf]
Insight Bonus [Half-Elf]

==Class Features==
Eldritch Blast [Warlock]
Use eldritch blast as an at-will power and as a basic attack.
Eldritch Blast Charisma [Warlock]
Use CHA for Eldritch Blast
Eldritch Pact [Warlock]
Choose a pact, which determines an at-will spell, your pact boon, and bonuses to certain powers.
Star Pact [Warlock]
Dire radiance spell; Fate of the Void boon: cursed foe dropped to 0 hp gives you +1 on one d20 roll during your next turn (+2 for two foes, etc.).
Prime Shot [Warlock]
If no allies are closer to target than you, get +1 on ranged attacks against that target.
Shadow Walk [Warlock]
On your turn, if you move 3+ squares from starting square, gain concealment until end of your next turn
Warlock's Curse [Warlock]
Once per turn (minor), curse nearest foe you can see; deal extra damage to cursed foes.

==Paragon Path Features==
Doomsayer's Proclamation [Doomsayer]
Foes within 10 makes two saving throws against fear effects and use lower
Doomsayer's Action [Doomsayer]
When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also deal the extra damage of your Warlock's Curse to all of your enemies currently affected by it. Doing so does not prevent you from dealing your Warlock's Curse damage another time this turn.
Doomsayer's Oath [Doomsayer]
When bloodied, +2 to attacks with fear powers

==Epic Destiny Features==
Ancient Resurgence [Draconic Incarnation]
+2 to Intelligence or Charisma score, +2 to any other ability score. Also speak, read, and write Draconic fluently.
Ancient Resurgence (Charisma) [Draconic Incarnation]
+2 to your Charisma
Ancient Resurgence (Constitution) [Draconic Incarnation]
+2 to your Constitution
Spirit of the Dragon [Draconic Incarnation]
Once per day, the ancient dragon spirit within you will attempt to protect your body after death until you can be resurrected.

Still Wil
Accurate Rod Proficiency + Focus
Brutal Curse
Reroll 1s on Warlock Curse damage dice until you receive 2+
Bloodied Boon
Can gain pact boon when cursed enemy is first bloodied (curse is removed from enemy)
Dooming Action
Deal curse damage again with AP
Improved Fate of the Void
Fate of the Void grants additional +1 bonus to the d20 roll
Reckless Curse
+1 to attacks against cursed creatures and to their attacks against you
Twofold Pact
Gain second Eldritch Pact, with spell and boon; can use only one boon benefit at a time
Mindbite Scorn
Curse deals 1d6 extra psychic damage
Killing Curse
Warlock's curse dice increase from d6 to d8
Improved Defenses
+1/+2/+3 (by tier) to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Versatile Master
Dilettante power becomes at-will; can pick paragon multiclassing powers from any class; can use AP to regain encounter attack power
Action Surge
+3 to attacks with AP action
Cursed Spells
Add Int modifier damage to curse dice damage
Warding Curse
+2 to defenses against creatures you have cursed
Student of the Athanaeum
1/day, regain used warlock daily power at end of encounter where it was used
Warlock Implement Expertise (Elfgame)
Spells crit with 19-20 when wielding warlock implement
Implement Expertise (Rod)
+1 to implement power attacks with rods (+2 at 11th, +3 at 21st level)
Superior Implement Training (Accurate rod)
Can use Accurate rods (accurate)
Implement Focus (Rod)
+1/+2/+3 (by tier) to damage with Rod implement attacks

Vicious Mockery [Standard Action] 30 vs. Will, Damage: 2d6+17
Eldritch Blast [Standard Action] 30 vs. Reflex, Damage: 2d10+17
Dire Radiance [Standard Action] Attack: 30 vs. Fortitude, Damage: 1d6+17
Fate of the Void [Free Action]
Warlock's Curse [Minor Action] – 4d8 + 6 damage
Ethereal Sidestep [Move Action] – 5 squares
Hand of Blight [Standard Action] Attack: 30 vs. Fortitude, Damage: 2d8+17

Beguiling Tongue [Minor Action] - +5 to next Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate
Hero's Defense [Immediate Interrupt]
Fates Entwined [Standard Action] Attack: 30 vs. Will, Damage: 2d8+17
Cursegrind [Standard Action] Attack: 30 vs. Fortitude, Damage: 2d10+17 (Necrotic) 
Claws of the Magpie [Standard Action] 30 vs. Will, Damage: 3d6+17 (Psychic) 
Dark Transport [Standard Action] 30 vs. Will, Damage: 4d10+17

Dark One's Own Luck [Free Action]
Accursed Shroud [Standard Action]
Wakeman's Invocation [Minor Action]

Thief of Five Fates [Standard Action]
Accurate rod of Ulban +5 - Attack: 30 vs. Will, Damage: 2d6+17 (Psychic) 
Oubliette of the Void [Standard Action]
Accurate rod of Ulban +5 - Attack: 30 vs. Will, Damage: 3d6+17 (Psychic) 
Wrath of Acamar [Standard Action]
Accurate rod of Ulban +5 - Attack: 30 vs. Reflex, Damage: 4d10+17 (Necrotic) 
Long Fall into Darkness [Standard Action]
Accurate rod of Ulban +5 - Attack: 30 vs. Will, Damage: 4d8+17

Acrobatics:  17 
Arcana:    23 
Athletics:   17 
Bluff:     34 
Diplomacy:   29 
Dungeoneering: 17 
Endurance:   18 
Heal:     17 
History:    18 
Insight:    24 
Intimidate:  26 
Nature:    17 
Perception:  17 
Religion:   18 
Stealth:    17 
Streetwise:  21
Thievery:   17 

Anathema Armor, Skald's Armor +5
+5 Accurate Rod of Ulban (main hand)
+1 Accurate Rod of Corruption (offhand)
Belt of the Witch King (paragon tier)
Razordark Bracers (paragon tier)
Circlet of Mental Onslaught (paragon tier)
Ring of Dimensional Escape (paragon tier) (+1 to TP)
Eladrin Boots (paragon tier) (+2 to TP)
Hrothmar's Gauntlets (paragon tier)
Ring of Retreat (paragon tier) (+1 to TP)
Cloak of Translocation +5

Saint, count, sleeper. Don’t worry about it.

Wil. Who else would it be?

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