Marked with the circle and the six pointed star, these chalices each have the ability to enhance whatever potion of draught is placed within them- they also never need to be cleaned, since anything placed within them that is not drunk will eventually boil away.

They also mix any mixture placed within them, making blends and complex alchemy more viable, although this can also have unpredictable effects when, for isntance, poison is mixed with healing substances. The chalices are most useful when drunk from (thirsty lips break the circle that is one of it’s mystic dimensions) but they are also useful when working alchemy.

There are ten chalices, and it’s up to you to decide what to do with them. You could even give one to the other party! However, there’s no point in keeping more then one for your own uses, since a single chalice can do as much work as more than one- while adventuring, in most cases more chalices would just need much more time and resources.

In addition to their general effect, each one has the following powers. Note that multiple chalices don’t stack, or result in additional uses of abilities:

Using the chalice as part of an alchemical or healing process nets you a +2 bonus to any skill rolls involved, including Arcana, Nature, Healing, ect. This can normally only be done in a non-combat time frame.

When taking a short rest, choose one member of the party. After their short rest they regain additional hit points equal to their contitution modifier.

When taking an extended rest, if the party drinks a suitable draught from the chalice before sleeping(curative, tonic, suplement, fortified wine, dark ale, ect), until their next extended rest they gain a +1 bonus to endurance checks, and regain 1 additional hit point each time they expend a healing surge, or heal as if they had expended a healing surge.

Once per day, in the hands of a trained alchemist, the chalices can act as one of the following: Bowl of purity (lvl 10) Salve of power (lvl 10) Keoghtom’s Ointment(lvl 12)

- this requires only basic components initially, that can normally be easily gathered, but doing so more than once in a day requires expensive reagents.

However, due to their powers, in addition to adventuring, they can be very useful for various non-adventurey purposes. For isntance: Normally, a healing potion is used drop by drop, with a small measure added to a draught of more conventional alchemical increadients. Such a draught drunk from a chalice like this would be far more efective and reliable. An apocathary or healer with a chalice could aid their comunity (or wealthy clients) greatly.

Unfortunatly, magic like this is difficult to give as a gift, unless in person. A duke is unlikely to accept such a gift, fearing foul play (or just a dangerous precedent). A baron might accept such a gift, and a lord almost certainly would if they’re confident of it’s purpose. Likewise, priests, healers, alchemists, and others, might have use for such devices.

You don’t have to decide what to do with them right away, and it’s the kind of thing you could reach a decision about during the crossover game. You could certainly give one to the other party, and might want to save a few in case of emergency, but the others could do a great deal of good (or garner you great support) in the right hands.

THE GRAND BALLROOM A work of true genius and mad ambition, the grand ballroom is a powerful magical structure used to enhance rituals cast within it. While it is arcane in nature, it can be used for any kind of ritual- suprisingly, like the chalices, it has been designed with none of the dark magic found in the ritual and potion itself. It may also be possible to build additional powers into the ballroom, more easily than it otherwise would be.

You gain a +2 bonus to Arcana, Nature, and Religion rolls made in the ballroom for non-knowlege purposes. This includes rolls made as part of rituals.

All rituals cast in the ballroom have half their normal component cost.

Once per day, you can expend a healing surge to reroll the skill roll of a ritual cast in the ballroom.

Many rituals and items with an area of effect and a duration can be focused into the ballroom when used. Their area of effect becomes the total area of the balroom, and their duration extends to at least one hour, and can be extended by one hour by someone in the balroom by expending a healing surge.


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