County of Lark's Landing

Major Power Blocs of the County of Lark’s Landing, c. FV206

The Countship – Nearly all power was concentrated in the hands of the Count and Contessa during their reign. Post-accession, Count Marchand himself exercises very little day to day authority over the operations of the Landing, leaving him as little more than a popular figurehead. Most real power is vested in his seneschal, Mssr. Marathe, formerly an unappreciated manager at one of the House Marchand vineyards.
Positions in the Count’s household:

  • General Annesen (duties limited due to the lack of a standing army)
  • Mystic-without-portfolio Varis
  • Special attache Calodoccer
  • Forester Beckenbauer (in absentia)
  • Realm Liason Aldeame
  • Captain Reed Captain Zeyat Calodoccer Captain Astrid Dayton of the Home Guard
  • Master of the Kennels, Balidis
  • Alchemist (name unknown)
  • Architect (existence rumored)

The County Home Guard is relatively small, consisting of perhaps two hundred men and a smaller number of officers. It is sufficient for (barely) keeping peace in the city, but woefully inadequate for any kind of sustained defense. To this end the Count has directed that anyone who can hold a sword or a spear be permitted to join, no questions asked. A few of these recruits show actual promise as fighters. Recently, a detachment of the Home Guard was sent to assist in the Fourth Goblin War and met with some success.

The Guild of Inns, Taverns, and Gaming Houses – The thieves’ guild. Most public houses and nearly all of the city’s resorts and gaming parlors are owned and operated by the guild. During the former Count’s reign their activities were strictly curtailed, but under the new Count their role has expanded somewhat. The Guild (when a guild is mentioned without qualifier, it is this one) now serves as the unofficial tax collection arm of the County. Visiting nobles and merchants have their pockets picked when they check into a Hostelerie, picked again playing at cards and dice in the opulent gambling halls, and picked a third time as they drunkenly stagger back to their lodgings at three in the morning. Count Marchand’s take on the whole operation is that the nobles and merchants work hard enough to evade the regular tax collectors, and this is probably their just deserts.

A cut of all profits and protection money is paid to the County in return for lax enforcement and is re-invested in public works projects such as the orphanage, development in the Tribal District, or maintenance of the city’s sewers. The relationship is not widely publicized, for obvious reasons.

Arcanists and other Practitioners – All arcanists must formally present themselves and receive a license to practice magic in the county. Practicing wizards are strictly prohibited from performing any form of summoning or portal magic within a mile of the city limits. Alchemists, tincturists, hedge magicians, and lay healers are under fewer restrictions. Diviners tend to avoid the city and environs.

The Wil Cult – Bunch of bloody fops taking drugs, dressing in silly outfits, and spending entirely too much money.

Other Cults – There’s another one born every other minute. Most of these are copycats or fads, but the Serpent Cults are a constant thorn in the Home Guard’s side.

The Tribals – The Landing is a hotbed of tribal activity and those living there are largely free from the persecution that runs rampant in the other colonial cities. The Count pays special attention to the tribal districts and much of his recent public spending is directed towards them.

Tonerri Expatriates – Disgraced duelists, disinherited young nobles, &c. consider the city an example of Local Boy Makes Good. Many of these wind up joining the Home Guard, the Guild, or the Irregulars.

The Dwarves – Free dwarves from Baelamar and former slaves from Stormpoint.

The Lark’s Landing Irregulars – Probably the closest thing to an adventurer’s guild that can be found on the continent.

Craft Guilds – Aside from the Guild, there are the usual tradesmen’s and merchantmen’s associations. Shipwrights, fishermen, shipping companies, and merchant marine organizations dominate. With the arrival of the dwarves, weapon- and armorsmiths are making inroads. The Ratcatcher’s Guild is notable for its indifference to its actual duties, and most vermin extermination is handled by Guardsmen.

County of Lark's Landing

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