House Rules

Plus race mods
Plus ed bonus
Plus level

if your ED does not increase your primary stat, or otherwise give you a +1 attack bonus, it now gives you a +1 attack bonus

Everyone crits on a 19-20. When an npc crits, they inclict one healing surge in addition to other damage. If the target has no surge, this effect does nothing.

Skill DCS are now by the book DMG2, with each dc beaten netting you an extra success or threshold.

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Social combat is a simple combat system based vaguely on the 4e system. All ‘attacks’ are done with skills, while defences are a straight dc 25. Any skill can be used, but social skills net an advantage. The battle takes place on an abstract battlefield that represents the ebb and flow of the debate. At either end of the battlefield is an end zone- the object of the battle is to reach your opponent’s end zone, and attack their premise, gaining enough victory points to win the social conflict. Each team ties to hold the other back from their end zones, while also trying to reach their foe’s end zone. They can attack one another, and if they reach their foe’s end zone, rack up victory points by making attacks.

Combatants act in order of initiative- roll a social skill as your initiative roll. Each round a combatant gets a manuver action, and an argument action.

You move on the battlefield with manuver actions. A manuver action can either move you 5 squares, or shift you 1. As with 4e combat, if you move past an enemy, they get an aoo. If they hit you (by beating dc 25), your entire move is canceled and you end up back where you began.

Argument actions can be used to attack an opponent, OR if you’re in their end zone, their premise.

You can use any skill to attack an opponent, and if you beat a DC of 25, you hit, and push the opponent one square.

If you’re attacking the end zone, each successful hit deals one victory point of damage.

You can make a mega-attack by taking a -10 penalty to your roll. A mega attack has double the normal effect. Normally this means you push an opponent 2 squares instead of one, or rack up 2 victory points in the end zone. You also gain this effect on a critical hit!

SKILL USAGE: You can use any skill, but social skills have advantages:
Bluff: Slide 1 instad of push 1
Diplomacy: double damage vs end zone
Intimidate: push 2 instead of 1
Insight: reach 2 on attacks, but not oas.

You also gain a risky opportunity by using a non-social skill your team hasn’t yet used in the battle: The first time you attack an opponent with a non-social skill
that none of you have used in the battle, your opponent is dazed until the end of your next turn, can only take one action, and can’t make opportunity attacks.
However, if you fail the attack, you’re dazed instead, and that skill can’t be used for the rest of the battle!

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BONUS FEATS: Once a day, each of these feats allow a pc to use one of their highest value skills as a substitutte for one of their untrained skills. These feats represent various things: in some cases, they’re literal useages of the skills for unconventional purposes. In others, they represent a skill that the pc would logically be able to use but does not currently posess.

Note that the presence of these feats doens’t preclude other ‘creative’ uses of skills within reason, particularly in skill challenges. Skill usage also doesn’t assume a duration: a skill roll could be split second, or it could represent days of effort. Either way, these benefits can only be used once per day.

Some people might have been planning to expand their skills already, and if they do, we can alter the bonus to effect another skill.

Menacing Glare
Once per day, you can use your intimidate skill in place of your perception skill.

Trials of the Chosen
Once per day, you can use your endurance skill in place of your religion skill.

Tonerri Courtier
Once per day, you can use your bluff skill in place of your diplomacy skill.

Arcane Precedent
Once per day, you can use your arcana(history) skill in place of your diplomacy skill.

Once per day, you can use your bluff skill in place of your religion skill.

Morphic Muscles
Once per day, you can use your bluff skill in place of your acrobatics skill.

Once per day, you can use your nature skill in place of your endurance skill.

Guten Tag
Once per day, you can use your stealth skill(including wildshape if aplicable) in place of your intimidate skill.

Help Me Help You
Once per day, you can use your insight skill in place of your diplomacy skill.

Climate Control
Once per day, you can use your arcana skill in place of your endurance skill.

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The Adamant Staff: It’s not exactly clear how Alex ended up with this formidable artifact, and while he is unable to use many of it’s formidable abilities, he has been able to tap into it and use it as a conduit to channel planar power in order to perform ritual magic.
Skills: Make a skill check using Arcana or Religion. On a successful check, you get GP that can only be used to cast rituals that use the skill in question. You can also use it on a ritual that uses another skill, but using bonus GP value in this way halves it’s effective value. Once the power is aquired, other people can use it to cast a ritual- the ritual doesn’t have to be cast by the person who drew power using the staff, and drawing power through the staff in this way does not require the ritual caster feat.

Found Objects: This cadre is an odd one, it’s members holding an eclectic and somewhat troubling mix of unique skills, philosophies, and spiritual beliefs. Their approach to ritual magic and alchemy mirrors this. Wether by harvesting the compounds, herbs, and ‘trophies’ that empower such processes, or securing the kinds of contacts that supply such goods, the carde is skilled in gathering the odd resrouces that their arts require.
Skills: Make a skill check using Streetwise or Nature(location permitting). You can also use other skills in special cases. On a successful roll, you get GP worth of ritual components useable in Nature rituals. You can also use the GP gained to create alchemical devices or non-nature rituals, but using bonus GP value in this way halves it’s effectivness. If you define the usage in advance, you can also use the value gained for other purposes, such as bribes, and anyone can use the value once it’s been defined and gained by skill roll.


Every extended rest, your party gets to add to your ritual pool. You can’t have more than a week’s worth of rolls in your ritual pool.

You roll apropriate skill vs level apropriate DC, ie 24 at 11th level. You can have up to two ‘aid another’ skills rolls from allies which wil also target level aopripriate DCs, plus a bonus or penalty of 2 or 5 based on conditions.

If you pass the roll, you add the following value to your ritual pool. If you fail it, you get half this much. You can use your titual pool only for the purposes described- but you can also use normal gold, residuum, ect, as well.

This is not the limit of ritual magic! Wierder and more play-based roleplayed rituals are also viable.

10: 400
11: 500
12: 600
13: 700
14: 800
15: 900
16: 1000
17: 1200
18: 1400
19: 1600
20: 1800

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DEATH HOUSE RULES: no raise dead rituals, BUT
If you spend a heaing surge, you can either A)give somebody a free pass on their death save if they fail it as a free action, or B)heal somebody’s surge value in neg hp as a minor action. This does NOT return them to 0, but reduces their neg total, to -1 at the highest.

House Rules

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