Party Bank

Party Bank – Sunday

As of June 1st

  • Magic item, level 17
  • Magic item, level 16
  • Magic item, level 15
  • Magic item, level 14
  • 35805 GP

May 30

  • Magic item, level 17
  • Magic item, level 16
  • Magic item, level 15
  • Magic item, level 14
  • 34000 GP

Feb 19

Golden Bowl: One 5,000 GP art object
Forgotten Fortune: 20 Sapphires each worth 1000 GP

Thyrn’s Defiant Blade: Brandished against and Immortal Warlord and an Avenging Angel, Thyrn’s second blade has proven itself an able defender no matter what the circumstances. Thyrn’s 3 Sword becomes a "3 Parrying Sword":

Marducai has mastered the 12th level rituals ‘Seeming’ and ‘Shadow Walk’. He can use Bluff in place of Arcana to determine the effectiveness of the disguises created with the ‘Seeming’ ritual. He can also use his bluff skill in place of his arcana skill when using the ’"Traveler’s Camouflage":’ ritual. Finally, Marducai has learned the 6th level ritual ‘Phantom Steed’ from Alex.

Alex’s Research: Alex has mastered the 12th level rituals ‘Reverse Portal’ and ‘Rope Trick’.

Adamant Arcana: Once per day, any ritualist can use the Adamant Staff as the focus for any rituals that require a spell focus.

Sum of items found in armoury and miscellaneous objects:

Jan 18

You also have a limited treasure drop!

  • Two potions of vitality from your ‘friends’ at the fort. Thyrn, Alex
  • Pierrot can upgrade his lightning sword to a level 15 item Stormbiter Warblade +3 Level 14
  • Thyrn can grab his tattoo as a level 12, 13, or 14 tattoo. Fireheart Tattoo Level 14

Dec 13

You gain the following magical items, you can use these to boost your existing stuff, or get new stuff, or pull out stuff you had all along, like maybe Alex can do a trick or two with his staff, or Thyrn has a really cool belt or something!

  1. 1 Magic item, level 14 Pierrot
  2. 2 Magic items, level 13 Pierrot, Thyrn
  3. 3 Magic items, level 12 Alex, Dorvan, Marducai
  4. 4 Magic items, level 11 Alex*x2*, Marducai, Thyrn
  5. 10,000 1,400 GP Alex:4,600gp

You find 10,000 GP in the form of 10 golden trade bars in a satchel left behind by one of the Bladesingers.

Party Bank – Monday

Danhenge did some fiddling, so now the party bank contains:

level 24 item and 805k gold


Magic item, level 25
Magic item, level 24
Magic item, level 23
Magic item, level 22
545,180 GP

Party Bank

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