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Tom (Edward)
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Cbass (Serge)
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Fritz (Imre)
Danhenge (Devar)
Brennon (Thyrn)

Questions for the GM from Tom , who plays Edward Marducai

“1) How much of a focus do you estimate planar travel, and its attendant weirdness- will have in epic tier? I’ve got the nagging fear that most of the issues we’ve been confronting- like the wars with the goblins, and the dying of the treaty candle- will seem sort of insignificant once we’ve spent some time in the far realm curbstomping caiphon repeatedly. On a broader level, how do you see yourself resolving the narrative problems created by the players being epic tier- and therefore largely (exceptions apply!) above or capable of circumventing petty material things like nation-states and politics – without it harming the characters who are really invested in mortal politics?”

Put simply, the situation you PCs find themselves- and the world- in, is so dire that brushing aside geopolitics is a risk they cannot afford to take. Even as the game moves in part into bizarre, magical other-realms, it’s still going to be vitally important to make sure shit is going ok back home- not only to keep those people safe, but rally every possible resource to your cause. A Nation is never going to be a petty, trivial thing, even in comparison to a Plane or a God.

PS- You shouldn’t be all talking on about defeating Caiphon until you learn more about what’s going on.

“2) We’re now entering epic tier and it strikes me how little we actually know about the history of the world we live in. We’ve seen hints- just like we have with planar travel- but we haven’t really put together all the pieces. We know that the Realm unified a bunch of warring city-states and established itself as a major world power. How long ago was this? When were the towers constructed, before or after? We know that the Beast was tooling around Nyumbani with his own gods-sanctioned imperial franchise before the Realm ever turned up, and destroyed a bunch of civilizations, like the Sea Peoples and the Gnolls. But we know comparatively very little about these other civilizations and what role they played in shaping the world’s history before getting beat down buttutterly. And we still know next to nothing about the world beyond our own continent, Nyumbani, and the Realm. We don’t even have a world map! I don’t even know what the Realm looks like.”

Partly, this is because of time and play management. For instance, the Realm has remained vague because we didn’t need to put time into it yet, AND because that time should be shared between GM and players- notably, Riidi and Dwho, with some Ferrinus in there too, wizard-wise. The elfgame workload is high, and making it higher in ways which would limit player input is not a good move.

That said, certainly more and more of this info will be coming into focus. Just in the last two games, you guys have seen big whopping visions of things that previously were only alluded to. More of that will occur- a lot of lategame will be about finding, and creating, answer to various questions.

Key to that is your role as players. Think about what you want to know- we can go and find out! That’s always going to be a rewarding process from a Srategic pov, also.

The new storylines will do this, also. The Year long plot is about redefining the status quo in the cololnies, but you guys can also do exploration, and learn a lot. On top of what you come up with as goals (hint hint hint), there are several revelations that i’m ready to hurl out in and around the yearlong plotline.

After that, we go into Deepmarch, and the Pilgrimge. Both these will be heavily about finding out, and creating, stuff about the world- in one case, the Realm and it’s ancient past, in the other, the Newer Lands and their ancient past, and in both cases, the history of the world and the forces that shape it.

Note: The Beast didn’t destroy the sea peoples- the Herald approached them with an ultimatum. The Naga you met did know of the Beast, however.

Note: Speaking of strategy however, there are limits to how much high fidelity strategic globe-spanning play I can manage, here. I did try and do up a strategy sysytem, but that would be a LOT of work, and it would only interest some players. Certainly strategy and tactics and conflict are going to be major feature of the game going forward.

“3) Do you expect there to be any major thematic shifts over the course of epic tier? Where we’re sitting now, the characters are all fairly comfortable (again, exceptions apply!) in terms of their positions- Edward has assumed control of Stormpoint, Devar and Wil their respective groups, Thyrn has succeeded in his mission of rallying support against the goblins, etc. There have been various major threats looming larger on the horizon, certainly- can we expect any major upsets to throw the characters out of their respective comfort zones? Note that I’m all for major upsets like this.”


I wish I could just ominously leave it at that as a matter of style, but i’ll give some more details. Notably, things are going to get a lot tougher, and hard choices with big impacts are going to be a major feature. The fights are also going to be a lot tougher, I know you’ve heard that before, but you’ll see what I mean heading into Pilgrimige/Deepmarch. All this will mean that the further we go into epic tier, the crazier shit gets. There are a lot of revelations, a lot of threats, and a lot of cards to be played. What people think is going on in the world is very different to what is actually going on, and each revelation which hits the game will bring with it new and difficult challenges. Player input is as ever, vital and key, but when it comes to the really big apocalyptic cosmic stuff, it is how it is, and it’s not what you think. Of course, the more and faster you learn about stuff, the more you can do about it.


Questions for the GM from Ferrinus , Player of Alex Clayton

“1. This is not a question so much as a demand. Recently we discovered that some random monastery/observatory out in the sticks somewhere just happens to know that the sun is the foundry. This was pretty surprising, and makes a lot of logical sense when you think about it, and can spur a lot of interesting speculation or whatever, but at this point I am playing a level 21 wizard who is in charge of his own academy which is built on top of a dragon computer.

I put it to you that at this point, Alex does not have to ask Sear for information about the elemental chaos, but rather either gives Sear information about the elemental chaos or dispatches Sear on research expeditions into the elemental chaos through a glowing portal."

Certainly the pcs know a lot. I often use NPCs as an alternative to just narrating and whispering all knowledge, because it would be very monotonous if instead of that I was jsut always telling you what your pc knows. In addition, there is some knowledge that you guys jsut haven’t come across yet, no matter what levle you are- the sun/foundry thing is an exmaple of that, as is a lot of the shit Sear has seen and experienced. Think of these npcs not as Superior Experts, they’re not- it’s more that they’re Reliable Witnessses to things you have yet to see for yourself.

Of course, you guys are toally in control of the qut for knowledge, also also keep in mind, world building ties into that, too. A lot of stuff, you guys can decide for yourselves.

“So, in short and in sum, I want to know everything the Newer Lands has got – and everything that divination rituals can pull out of the ether – on angels, devils, demons, dragons, fey, ghosts, the planes… All of it. I want it all. Gimme the techs. I’m sure there is secret arch-information that like only the Realm’s supreme mystics or the angels themselves are privy to, and obviously Alex can’t count on finding that out over a year of research, administration, and divination, but I am right here asking you for every remaining piece of interesting eldritch/planar/cosmological lore that is known in the Newer Lands in general but not known to our PCs in specific. Bullet points are fine”

For one thing, you’re pretty much already there. There isn’t that much know, and you guys have been outpacing the academies and such for a very long time. For another, I can’t write everything in stone- it takes work to fit everythign together, and it limits player input, as well. Often it’s better to deal with things as they emerge. But consider yourself Doing That in all ways, shapes, and forms.

“2. How crazy can I get in terms of describing the ongoing research projects at the Silver Spire Academy? For example, I know that we know how to open gates to the feywild and shadowfell (or at least the thicket/hedge/border fey/near shadow/yadda yadda), and Sear’s made a few sojourns into the elemental chaos. Can we have like… standing gateways, heavily warded, which lead into beachheads we’ve established in the other planes? Can we send magically-shielded expedition forces out to retrieve shards of elemental ice or feywild thorns to analyze back in the lab? Can we scour the world for escaped demons, capture them, and ship them back to the academy for study and potential banishment/eradication?”

The general idea I have is in addition to lots of crazy stuff, each Place of Power you guys control (you have two, although one is not currently staffed) can be set to a single Great Work, which is really mind blowing shit. I plan to set that in motion during the yearlong plotline, however, those great works won’t come to fruition until after the Deepmarch and Pilgrimige. There’s also obv room for a lot of story-alternative narritive, so Wizards and Eladrin and Stormseers might work away at the Tower, while the Pit could simply lay seemingly fallow until some crazy metaphysical events happens.

As for your ideas: Thicket no, what you saw of it should convince you that it’s very, very dangerous, and could be quite insidious in it’s influence. Shadowfell, yes, but only if you get together with Dominique, Devar, Edward, of preferably more than one or all of them (and they would have a far easier time doing such things at the other place of power). Elemental Chaos, totally- although the EC is huge, and you would be in Accord Territory due to the nature of the tower, but still, plenty of crazy shit going on in there! None of these would take a Great Work btw- i’m assuming here you don’t pay that card to achieve this stuff. Also a lot of this has to do with permanent portals- a sojurn into the Feywild is a lot different to a gate leading there.

Demons are extremly dangerous, and the containment of Demonic Taint that you saw Raindrop do with that ‘special ingredient’ is an exception to that norm, as are cases like Tem, Ber’s son, taking down a demon and burying their bones free of taint. In normal circumstances, even you guys would be flat out facing a demon and doing more than just obliterating it- there is no way to ‘manage’ or ‘contain’ them, that’s the nature of them. Even the taint you contained with Raindrop’s help had much more to do with the sacrifice of the gnolls, and the power of the Confluence and it’s spirits, than any ritual or spell that could be cast.

“3. My assumption is that the various wizard academies of the Newer Lands, both large and small, are at least informally allied with each other and have occasional student exchanges or collaborative projects or things like that. What about in the Realm? Is Clayton Academy going to be unique for having established a strong alliance with distant Varax Academy across the sea? How common is it for the Realm’s mage schools to interact with those of the colonies, whether by Sending research notes over or actually teleporting in materials, students, or full-fledged foreign wizards? In theory the common bonds of arcane scholarship transcend such petty and mundane trivialities as “we were at war a few decades ago,” but I doubt that’s actually the case. "

Your relations with Varax’s academy are certainly impressive and almost unique. The idea of formally sharing magic with the colonies is considered absurd, although of course. . some do make the trip. Ironically, elai am tomdrin expats, despite their rarity and the rarity of their immigrations, make up a sizeable portion of the Realm-trained arcanists who are active in the newer lands- partly due to the ubiquitous nature of Eladrin Arcane Training in their academies and training troupes.


Questions for the GM from Riidi , Player of Pierrot

“1. Falraen made a good point – we’re level 21 and incredibly power, but all of us except Edward essentially make our changes at swordpoint. What opportunities during the year-off, and then further during epic tier, will we have for making meaningful social changes to the place we live, even if it’s just Baelamar, Dwarfholm, and the area around the Academy rather than ‘i want socialism in the entire newer lands’? Can we just like … abstract it away, largely?”

We can deal with that both abstractly, and in scenes, and certainly you can do plenty of stuff like that. But remember- this is stuff you guys have to keep in mind and push for and remind me about. Apart from edward, examples of this kinda thing include Dorvan’s struggles with dwarvern society, law and tradition, the efforts by the gnolls to find allies in the east(and do reforms at home), Serge’s political machinations, and the different religious and political movements headed up by the likes of Imre and Devar.

“2. How are we going to handle things like “Thyrn and Imre really want to kill the gods, but, Devar, Dominique, and Pierrot really don’t want to.” I know that this is ‘really’ a question to be hashed out intra-party but for lack of a better expression what kind of Mechanical Support will elfgame have for branching endings?"

The plan of the gods and how you react to it is certainly one of the big themes of epic tier. As noted, a lot of the cosmic stuff Is what it Is, but it’s also not what you’d expect- or simple to understand, or deal with. Certainly, it will be up to the pcs to decide their path, and it may well be that two groups of pcs end up at odds with one another. That said, drawing in part from recent events, such a conflict is unlikely to be a vicious stonewalled struggle to the death- considering the scope, it would be more likely that two groups could end up working at cross purposes, or forming two major parts of a greater whole. Certainly, how the game ends is up to you guys, and although I stress that there is a limit to the amount of pvp that we can engage in, pcs will certainly have the right to stand for what they believe in, for better or for worse.

“3. What are the rough outlines of the authority that Pierrot now has as Master of Storms over storm-related spirits and elementals? I mean, Kar is a bound familiar that hates him, but can Pierrot ask cloud spirits about other places the clouds have been? Can he contact any spirits associated with that Maelstrom out near Fjellvik? Do I have to pick up Ritual Caster to represent some of this shit or is it gonna be more free-form and what are the boundaries?”

The master of storms actually has no authority over spirits- they don’t really work that way. Although spirits can (rarely) be coerced or bound, the majority of the time one simple converses with them, and negociates. The previous MOS had the aid of some spirits early on because he spoke to them as a shaman does, and gave them what they wanted- but they deserted him as the conflict intensified. Pierrot can befriend spirits, but tbqh they’re much more likely to veer away from Pierrot, and seek to balance his power by standing with the newly re-merged Court of Wings and Wind, of which Imre’s mentor Tae-eran is a chief advisor.

OTOH, elementals can be bound, by force or by choice, and make excellent, if willful and dangerous, servants and allies. By their nature, they tend to know and learn, see and remember less than spirits- but they’re powerful, flexible, and tend to be wide ranging- a wind spirit is usually defined by the winds of a region, an air elemental can zoom around wherever the hell he pleases, and see plenty in the process.

The ice creatures asociated with the white wyrm’s maelstrom were elementals, so pierrot could literally overpower them, and without all that running around and plot-device-grabbing pcs usually have to to do tell an army of monsters to step off. But keep in mind at all stages, what pierrot has, ironically, is Power, not Influence. He can parlay that power into influence, and he’s already on good terms with the Titans of the Accord, but his current state is the beginning of that process.

“bonus question 4: Where all the Storm groupies at?”
They’re mainly made of electricity sooo

Questions for the GM from Cbass who plays Serge

“1) I usually just kind of handwave away Serge’s contacts but I’d like to go a little more in depth on where and how far he can go to find out information about someone through mundane means. I figure most businesses and wealthy people in Lark’s Landing are pretty much a panopticon due to the Gents, and they have their fingers in a lot of other pies, and a while ago (like, in early paragon, even before the LL trip) we got access to Ambrose’s network in Baelamar, but we’ve covered a significant portion of the map since then and met a lot of people. How much off-camera schmoozing/networking can we assume reasonably occured? Obviously access to Fardale is now… somwhat limited.”

A great deal of schmoozing, espeically in the Grand Tour- but certainly it’s focused on where you’ve been. Serge and his allies are super plugged in on the north colony coast (Tonerre-Baelamar), and across the inland baronies. Note, a fair bit of this is also Calods and Wilandrians, but Serge also has his own contacts, and hasn’t been kept from the info Wil and Imre have (even if they tried to, it would be hard to curtail his influence, and he they). Lefent is secure, although it’s hard to seep influence across the border to fardale without further direct efforts. Serge also has friends further afield as well, but to really get shit done without his presence, he’d need to pick ‘battles’, and go there, and set his own shit up. The question then is, where does Serge wish to spread his influence and espionage?

“2) Another “vague area for clarifiying” thing. So let’s say (as appears likely) that Serge ends up as Baron Lefent. Just what kind of stuff exists in the region other than the city? Is it just a bunch of scrubland, agricultural land that’s gone fallow, etc.? Mongame’s minigame determined roughly how the city is going to build up, I just kind of want to know what’s out there for flavor purposes, or if I have relatively free reign to just make something up."

Feel free to make stuff up, as long as you keep to the general theme that this is a land that has lain fallow and been picked over by cowardly looters and bandits many times. It’s also notably, a land where many doomed nobles and wealthy people set up ship during their collapse, and a land of various other broken dreams. So there’s some pretty wierd stuff out there, if you want there to be. Also kepe in mind, it is a Barony- a really big, solid bunch of land, that will yield good returns just from basic development- assuming development is allowed to occur. Remember, the same city build that make lefent itself prosperous did neglect the garrison and city walls…

“3) So those lords were all concerned about Serge taking the Baelamar Expeditionary Force and using it as his own private army. But as Baron he’ll actually have the opportunity to build his own private army. How big a force could Lefent conceivably field if push came to shove? Or is that more something of “your future decisions in the game will determine this”, since it’s still in early days w/r/t their actually being a functioning political unit? "

I’ll be honest, the general idea I have for armies of a barony is around 5000 elites + a militia 4-8 times that size. But lefent is a new nation, and pulling up levvies will drive people away- so it’s the alites that are the main thing. Also notable are the treaties that limit the armies of the lands- hence the 5000/20,000 number for a barony, although few forces would bring up even close to that numebr in milita. If push came to shove, lefent could field an elite force to match any barony (with a little help from it’s friends), but it would lack the militia, and other key resources like horses, siege engines, weaponsmiths, engineers, ect. If you want to make lefent battle-worthy, that will take some doing- and again, you could spend that time making it say, more financially successful, instead. And as always, gainign power often makes you enemies.


Questions for the GM from Dammitwho , player of Dominique

“1) During one of last tier’s Q&As I heard something about graveguards being sent off on some secretive mission that was implied to be Nyumbani. Have I learned anything more about that due to contact with the folks back home?”

You haven’t heard about the graveguard thing, but it’s the kind of thing you’re likely to find out if you go back home, even if it’s in difficult circumstances. Even in the midst of a clusterfuck, your assistant or some other minor functionary would make their way to your side, clear their throat politely, and give you info.

“For that matter, what else do I know just from having regular insider contact with one of the governing bodies of the Sevenfold Realm? I want everything! What are people saying about the Council’s movements? Are there humorously distorted rumors about Pierrot? Any recent unexplained changes in the fortunes of some eladrin noble houses? Have the Iounites made any power grabs, or stepped up propaganda on some subject? Has the army made any unusual administrative changes lately?
Dear Happyelf. Please write me a shitload of fluff text about internal gossip and current events in the Sevenfold Realm. xoxoxoxo dammitwho”

It seems like everything has been business as usual, which suggests to Dominique that everything has not been busisness as usual. She is presently distant from the loop- that said, she’s likely to get and ‘remember’ more info as we progress with plots. I might get you guys some gossip at some point, but I do have to balance the timeframe, here. If anything, other players should ask you and riidi for realm gossip! If i don’t like something hey, none of it’s confirmed, or exactly what it seems…

“2) What will the relatively high priority set on the Ravenite religious faction mean, concretely, for Lefent? Have some priests from outside Lefent moved in to help show the flag and take pressure off Aunt Raven? Does this mean the city now includes a large abbey, or a small but well-populated church, or a general feeling of goodwill? Or is this yet to be determined?”

Yet to be determined, and note, that ‘sector’ also had a lot to do with orphans, welfare, ect. But there could easily be a temple setting up there, and as we do the yearlong, dom will be well positioned to make real gains in such areas, even if she’s elsewhere in person. By year’s end, you could have a pretty solid following and temple in place- which is interesting considering the religion of those warlike folks at the other end of the border baronies- but that also, if an opportunity, if it’s made into on. Beingnext door to blacklake certainly enhances things- they’re into fate, AND being moody and dying a lot!

“3) Let’s talk about Hell. What kind of established (especially Realm) canon about Hell and the Three has there been that I might not have been around for? I know the stuff on the wiki, Asmodei makes pacts/Tia-Mammon brings wealth/Bhannoth punishes oathbreakers, but any more detailed information, whether true, false or apocryphal? I’m not asking for secrets, just specifically stuff that Dom should already know. I know I’ve already written some flavor about Asmodei so if you’d prefer this area remain open to collaborative stuff I guess say that instead. Idk I’m tired as heck”

Note that the three have a hell, and the Seven Gods have a hell. For the record, let us name them: The Hell of the deities is called Careri, the Prison of the Gods, while the hell of the three is known as Baator, also the Hell of the Three, or the Nine Hells. There is literally no Real dogma on Baator- in fact the most popular vision of it is a false world, which the Three reinvent and warp at will to entice the foolhardy, who’s transformation or reveal as a hell-realm at the end of such tales is taken (in these days) as a vision or a metaphor for oblivion or a fall into an intangible infernal service of the corrupted soul.

OTOH, Carceri is described as an actual place, said to rest on an island in the River, a fortress where the worst souls are kept and punished for their mis-deeds. This is something the ravenites covertly debate and internally dispute- since some versions of this dogma suggest another exception to the normal passage of souls on the river, as seen by ravenite dogma.

Your flavour is totally solid! However, if is only in semi-heretical texts like that that the three is even mentioned- and debate rages that they may simply be renamed texts that originally referred to other creatures like powerful demons or dragons, now long slain.

“Bonus question 4) What would I know about dragons? Dominique speaks Draconic that I assume she learned from some hella dusty musty tomes, what’s the scholarship on them”

They’re considered abominations of ancient times, now long slain, and Dom never even realized that was Draconic until she met people like Alex who had malich’s notes on the speech of the green. However, certainly after seeing the runes on the wings of the Champion they just fought and dissected, she’s well aware of what draconic is. . . and very curious about some of the old notes on the ‘ancient dead language’ it was supposed to be.


Questions from the GM for CBN player of
Wil Varis “That having been said, I’m going to directly bear-bait contradicting The Plot right here.”

Let me just start by saying that I hope we’re in a good place for this conversation, and if you have more pressing frustrations about the game, we should talk through them. I’m taking this all at face value. I’m not contriving anything, nor am I going to pull any punches.

“1. I’ve been trying to come up with a more polite way to say this, but I can’t. But basically, Why do we have to put up with Fardale’s shit, or anyone else’s short of similarly-epic-power-characters (so, a Realms wizard), at this point? Given a spare afternoon, easily half of the cast could with relative ease just walk up to Fardale (or those like him), kill him on the spot, and finish off the witnesses before anyone gets word to people capable of doing anything about it (and of the people that could do it, I can think of at least two that would for various reasons). And while that doesn’t solve the endemic and institutional problems here, it would make it quickly apparent that there’s our way and there’s the highway. And given especially that the Realms invasion / end of the candle are big primo short-term visible concerns and, for mongame in particular, the future-vision gives us a projected timeline of a decade-and-change’s span before it’s all rendered moot by a visit from a cosmic hungry hungry hippo.”

I’ll take this bit by bit, but the gist of it is, yes you can totally do big bunches of nasty stuff, if that is the path you choose, but you need to consider the consequences, such as exactly what mindset might LEAD to that terrible future you saw, and who, should you get super-scary, your once-rivals-now-enemies would then immediatly turn to for help. Not to mention, how the other PCs might react, including the ones in your own party.

It would not be in keeping with the character of anyone to stoop so low as to slaughter petty nobles to resolve a dispute faster!
-Two answers: 1. No actually it would because, for the two people I’m thinking of, one is Wil who has both a god complex and is approaching godlike power levels, and the other is Imre, who has both kept eladrin out of special double-elf heaven just for funsies and would probably consider any power structure deaths to be an added bonus to whatever anyone else got out of it, 2. If we’ve got bigger fish to fry, we need to go fry them, and there’s nothing heroic in getting bogged down in a land dispute (or any other sort of aristo-dick-wave) when we’re getting geared up to go fight gods or conceptdemons or whatever.”

I would never make this example counter-argument because this is literally Imre’s first instinct early in the champion’s history. That said, not everyone is of the same mind, and in particular, at various stages the party has understated the integrity, motives, unpredictability, and MASSIVE MASSIVE HORSEPOWER of the two nice, glowy people in the party. Now, they may be ok with this? Or they may not? But you need to consider that, esp since we can’t just throw it out on the day and pretend some kinda simple resolution of clashing player agency will make for a fun, functional scene. That goes for you guys too? But it also goes for them.

Second, while you may not be into the idea of smuggling, closed borders, ect, ect, cbass through Serge may find the idea more interesting. He may also have some more strategic concerns about Just Killing Everyone, but i’ll write more about that below.

“-It would be Evil!
—-Without getting into an alignment debate over it, if I readily grant that it would be a purely selfish or spiteful act or an act of pure malice, the follow-up is, “So?” Wil would gladly take the public-relations hit for being a rumored mass murderer (remember, kill the witnesses) considering he’s already wanted for Heresies Most Foul by anybody with the ability or inclination to push the issue. So this is a win-win for the rest of the group."

There’s a difference between being a famous, and well-liked Daring Dabbler in the Profane, and actually pulling out the wobbly-bladed knives. People Like Wil, he’s won the Chariot race last year at the champions games!(?). He’s more spiritual than heretical? And he’s a hero! he saves people all the time! Ending that, putting that at risk, loses you all a huge asset. And guilt by asociation’s a real bitch.

But let’s just assume the public doesn’t know shit to begin with, which is a good bet early on. Let’s just assume Devar ever talks to Wil again, considering how innocent some of those witnesses might be.

Witnesses might not matter much at all since as noted, who else is going to be able to do something like this? Oh, my buddy’s rival just vanished? Huh, fancy that! Nobody on the entire planet is that dumb except for Lord Darwood. And his dad would walk out of the Forest Primeval to clue him in one head-slap at a time. People aren’t stupid, especially the people who have been very carefully watching you all for years, well aware of the threat you represent to the status quo. Sure, they can’t scry you, but they can do enough basic math to put 2 and 2 together. And it’s not as if they’d haul you before a judge, either way. And what happens if some clever bastard starts doing copycat killings? There are a few paragons around who could fake it, and once the killing starts, it will be very hard to convince anyone of anything. We didn’t go after Ambrose, honest! We would never kill Peldos!

This would just create a constant bigger-dog scenario!
-Which differs in what way from right now, where we already know of cosmically large dogs that we’re going to try to euthanize anyway?”

Because thos big dogs aren’t at your throat. Because they’re not backed up by any locals- yet. Because every resource you spend in a rampage, every erg of lost good will, will cost you in that confrontation. People are not worthless- as I said in an earlier answer, Nations will always be important. Even compared to Gods, and Planes, Epic Tier PCs.

Because the colonies are not yet just inviting those bigger dogs into their homes. Right now, even in Prowmeet, they are super-pro-you, and super-anti-realm. And they might not like their Lord, barons, and Dukes, but supernaturally powered murder is going to scare the shit out of everyone.

Right now, Dragonslayers and Champions are way mroe popular than Lords, Barons, and Dukes. If you start killing them, that will reverse, fast. If Fardale was taken like this, Prowmeet would be gone. They’re wavering now, they would be GONE then. They would then move to back the Realm. And then what? Trash Prowmeet?

All of it? Because it’s going to take more than one guy dissapearing. Let’s just consider Fardale.

Fardale’s son is protected by Aleph, who is an unknown, but potentially rather formidable paragon tier acanist- you know that little freaky gnome ringmaster who is in charge of the spooky circus? Who’s job is to freak people out?

Aleph freaked HIM out!

And i’m not saying he could beat you. I’m saying he could make the new lord fardale very hard to track down, and together, the two would then wage war on you from the shadows. And yes, you can tear open the shadows, you can do the hardline counter-insurgency, how well do you think that will work? How much wrath will you get through before you realize how much of the colonies you’ve turned agains your cause?

And what’s to stop the young lord fardale from deciding that if HE can’t have Fardale, no-one can? Knowwhatimean? And don’t you dare call that unfair- these guys have been out here practically since somebody’s oneshot pc founded the dynasty back in that game about prowmeet! They Know fardale, and can be damn sure they won’t stand for Losing it. Not like that. Not if you’re not smart.

Let’s say you neutralize Fardale. No threat, no grieving kin, his second son is probably bribeable. Let’s assume such turmoil in the trade hub of the colonies doesn’t kick the shit out of the economy.

Now Prowmeet is gone. They are never, ever going to trust any of you again. Oh- unless you stand in the lantern and swear fealty.

Even then, they will turn to the realm, and they will say please, please save us from these abominations! You blow up the fat idiot in charge, and turn or kill his randy but pragmatic prat of a son. His wife is FROM THE REALM, and now she is IN THE WIND. Nobody ever even sees his daughter, she’s in pre-maritial seclusion- and yes, a Duke’s ability to protect his beloved daughter from scrying can stymie even the Super Murdero Brothers, Imrio and Wiligi. For a time. Enough time.

And then the big dogs do turn up. The radiant fucking host, and now they’re the HEROES!! They march in, they draft the Academy(biggest on the continent), And the Erathian Cathedral (ditto), and the Prowmeet military (lol im kdding they’re a bit crap tbqh), and you now have an ever bigger dog to contend with. See that spiky collar? That double row of teeth? You can thank yourself for those.

And the war is waged, on their terms. With a whole Dukedom and more on their side. They don’t even need to invade Stormpoint anymore because you gave them a deep-water port and a huge, heavily defenced city. And it has defences. And again, this isn’t a finesse job that might turn the peasants of prowmeet to your ends. This is you shrugging off the ‘pr hit’ of murdering a sovreign lord. The most prestigious and wealthy Free Baron, no less!

This is you becoming the nightmare people fear, instead of the beloved heroes they desperatly want you to be. This is you, to their mind, betraying their faith in you. And all your enemies will know, it, and exploit it.

I must stress. I am cool with anything! I am not going to trick or trap you here. I hope you realize that the situations i’m describing are not a contrivance to block you- they’re what would happen if you just went in full tilt. If you want to make that move, feel free. But you add. .. 10% more finese. A plan. A caper. Some cooperation and inclusion for the other people who Wil has been fighting back to back with for years.

You turn to your good buddies, and you work with them, and come up with some cool ideas- and let me stress, you want to take the place over? You want these guys gone? You can do that. And you can do it a tiny bit smarter, and much more effectivly. I’m not holding court here, but you say “What if we took a sledgehammer to this building made entirely of glass?” What do you expect my answer to be? Your GM is not a neocon.

There’s gonna be risks either way. But there’s risks, and there’s a clusterfuck. You can’t roll in there, guns blazing, not giving a shit, without there being consequences. Even if you were super sneaky, dead is dead. That’s a very short list of suspects.

It’s not as if there won’t be plenty of time to Burn it All if that’s what Wil decides is needed. And there will be plenty of opportunities to make such a decision. And such a plan might well include such a bloodletting at some stage, to some degree.

But this whole “meh, what do we lose?” thing is straight up wrong. You lose plenty.

Someone else would just fill the power vacuum!
-Ideally Serge, and if not, someone who could be shown to reason. And if not them, the next. Eventually we’ll run out of petty nobility or Wil and Imre will have the ‘serve at his feet or die at our hands’ speech down so well that they can do it backwards in Elven.”

You’ve seen a future where people go down that road. If wil and imre can’t see the lessons to be learnt from it aren’t just “hurry upppp”, then hopefuilly Serge can remind them.

And again, that’s not to say that you guys can’t take things over, if that’s what you want. But you can’t just conquer everything and act like there won’t be unintended consequences, of that the same would be something the GM pulls out of their ass.

“Short-short version, Q1: What’s stopping us from dynamiting roadblocks, when we’re living TNT? And corollary to this, what do we have to do to get people to respect that already? "

As a seperate issue, I get that you, cbn get frustrated by stuff like this sometimes, and i’m sensitive to that, but this is a game where things have consequences. And you can’t just start blowing things up without accepting that yes, this has consequences, and it’s not me being mean saying that. I mean, did you READ Watchmen? The superman is real, and he’s a Lefentian! Think about how that would pan out.

People do respect you. You are beloved and trusted figures. People know you’re hugely powerful, and the nobility is scared stiff of you. But you start blatantly Killing them, and they’re not going to sit still for it. And sooner or later, that conflict will spill over to the populace, and then all that hero-worship is going to go very dark.

In the plan you envision, if taken to it’s worst implications, you aren’t blowing up roadblocks. You’re blowing up people, and your demolishing your own credibility and good will.

“2. There’s a Teleport Catcher ritual, and a Forbiddance ritual, and a Dimensional Anchor wondrous item. Wil’s schtick is being a walking spatial anomaly. Alex is responsible for some of the best Portal-utilization in the Newer Lands. Between Dom, Edward, and Pierrot, dimensional boundaries are more a question of where to look than they are how-to-cross. So my question is, While we’re in the Realms, will the option be present to completely and near-irrevocably (or at least, for long enough to make an invasion impossible at the moment) fuck up the gateship infrastructure?

A huge concern with such an invasion is that they can just load a bunch of dudes up on a ship and BWOOP BWOOP be on or near the coast. And while we definitely can’t Forbid up the entire continent (and even then, they’d just use gateships to knock out most of the transoceanic travel time instead of making for straight-up deep striking), we’re going to be, ideally, kicking around in their back yards. So can we do some of that. Slash, I would like to do some of that."

The gateships are built to be self-sufficient, and operate under strict discipline. Consider, the gates aren’t even visible on the ships in normal usage. However, there is a more standard gate system, and if you did infiltrate the Sevenfold Realm Expeditionary Fleet as one of your key goals for the storyline(which is I stress, are totally up to you guys), then you could wreak a lot of havok on the gate ships,and even failing that, the military portal network, like the one Edward and co encountered in magical space prison.

However, you should consider Dominique’s feelings in this matter, and don’t just nods at that- dwho has had to spend too much time looking the other way as it is. It will be quite viable to act without one another’s knowledge in the plotline, but this is a Big job.

Also plz note, there aren’t that many gateships. You save the majority of them-briefly- during the show of force over the dwarves at Lark’s Landing. When considering the broader, and very large threat of the Navy, sabotaging gateships and other portals is only one possible response to the presence of such powerful magics at play.

“3. How’s that magic house coming along already? I want to see some Baba Yaga shit up ins. "

You should know as well as anyone that magic house will take as long as it takes, and will arrive exactly when and how it wishes. There are only two people with any influence over magic house, and neither of them is a player or GM. When they are asked, they simply gaze at those asking solemnly, one nodding, the other shaking their head.

Questions for the GM from Zarick , player of Dorvan Stonebrow

“1) I know I’ve answered other dwarves who mentioned others not liking Dorvan’s post as Speaker of Moradin, but just how much protection from criticism/bureaucracy does he have given that he literally has Moradin’s direct approval? How much power does that post give him over dwarven law?”

Leaving aide the political power of your clan, which is substantial and waxxing to the point that your father is likely to run the council from hero on, Dorvan’s role offers him a great deal of influence, and freedom. He can’t rewrite dwarvern Law- Law is Oath, clan and chieftain make their own oaths (so that’s council busines and politics in other words). He does however have substantial powers under the law.

For instance, he is the absolute last word about supernatural and magical matters. Moradin is also the god of the forge, which means if there’s some big deal about crafting, toil, manufacturing, ect, the people making the decisions basically come down to Dorvan, whichever Chieftain’s Clans are involved, and the Council’s appointed Chief of mining, engineering, ect.

In addition it’s very hard to censure or counter the Hand of Moradin. After all, he’s the hand of moradin- he’s doing the Deity’s work, get out of his way you highbeards!

“2) I feel like despite being the high priest of a god who literally created the world and the Foundry, I know fairly little about it. Is there no insight Dorvan has gained or can gain about it through his connection to Moradin?”

He knows and senses a lot. He can sense the magic of the Tower of Storms, the Ley-Lines which spread out from it, and even glimpse some hint of the purpose or construction of the world as it relates to them. When he gets back to dwarfhome, he’ll be able to point straight at the deep fire beneath the earth- although getting there is another matter. Feel free to ask me if you feel his ‘super stonecunning’ would maybe give him insights into a situation.

“3) Are we going to get back to that Storm Titan’s offer to Dorvan, to learn what Marek learned to save the dwarven people, the thing that presumably drove him crazy? That was an interesting hook but I feel like we’ve been sitting on it for quite a while and I’m not sure if it’s tied up with the Fire Under The Mountain business.”

TBQH I was and stil am hoping to tell that tale in a oneshot. The framing would be that Dorvan learns it the same ‘time’, but we’d play the events out, and see firsthand what Marek did, and why it resulted in him becoming the embittered, cold, villainous figure you knew. If you super wanna know I can speel the beens, but i’d rather have Dwarfquest III prepped for the posibility of you playing in a oneshot.

Questions from the DM for Fritz , Player of Imre

“Q1: I don’t remember what the result was of the Khyrr’s claims that Imre’s people are the True Colonisists, but assuming it didn’t get retconned in the truth and reconciliation session what exactly does Imre know about it. It wasn’t too long ago that it still shouldn’t have stayed around as myth & legend &c, and Imre had close access to a storyteller from the distant past for a number of levels. So I guess what do I know.”

I was basically going to just leave it up to you how much Imre knows, and how long ago and how he learnt it. The general idea I had was that imre and his kin and allies may not have realized that the mythical tribe of the juggernaught which was key to ending the reign of the shepherd king, was the same as the ‘tribe of the bull’ who spread animal husbandry and some other advances across the midlands in the ancient times. The Calods may have traced their ancestry to the latter, but not realized it was also the former.

I have been pondering some prose on the issue. There are exerpts from different sections of the Epic which Imre and Artis have been studying, which seems to describe the events, and are in the right position in the text. The Epic is found in several major forms and many minor variations; Artis is working from the most-cross-verified version, also bolsterd by the knoweldge Imre and others have gained in their adventures and explorations. Some annotations are present, often noting uncertainty in translation.

“Upon the north sea came small but study craft, coming to rest upon the new stone, their people and property disembark;
With mighty labors and shouts in great masses they turn their boats about, and so invincible, travel from the coastline.”

“They went out into a land demon-haunted. The great host was long passed and long dead, but the dire fiends cast in it’s wake poisoned the land. The tribe of the bull traded more than fairly, gifting livestock, the healing arts, the sowing of seeds. Even the oldest friend, gift of fire was unknown to the wretches which remained, and the tribe of the bull shared the truth of fire with all. (surely the tribes had knowledge of before this point? But the claims of such a gift are often repeated- Artis)”

“So came from the south the last Kingdom of the wilderones. Their standard Crook and Spear crossed, their monarch, immortal. No wound would not heal in his flesh, none could bear the touch of his dire lance. All peoples, kin and folk alike, toiled beneath the lash of one tribe. Mighty lords of immortal shores he treats with; and even giants, betraying the oaths of his forefathers.”

“From the wake of the horde in the north, came the juggernaught tribe, and their clients. Demon-slayers, spirit brothers, elf-friend, fire-wrights. The last true flame(?), shone as their standard. Up from the south, girded with old bronze and burnished brass, fortresses built on the rubble of their fathers, came the Shepherd King and his Flock. A crown of bright silver steel banded his brow- the Crown of Kings, once hurled aside by Alchibor, in his grief.”

“The two came together in the place of armies. Then, it was a plain, blasted flat in the Battle Before. Now, hills were piled high- chariot and juggernaught buried beneath mounds of foes. Cairns built of corpses. The Immortal King laid low at the cost of the tribe of the juggernaught, pierced with Iron spears, writhing, defiant, spear bound in hand. Even as shafts splintered, Fire was brougt fourth, the last flame, lit in the flesh of the undying king, and howling from it, he fled away into the south.”

“The Tribe of the bull spread amongst the peoples, becoming them. Only in one place, by the great lake, was a guard set(Always wondered, a guard against what? Now explained!-Artis) facing south. Here alone, the people lived on as one, but all through the lands, their blood and kin remained, oft to wander, never lost to kin.”

“In the south, the barrow-king has his reign for lifetimes more, his flesh ever burning, his spear flung from him in final scorn, hiding in the dark. His regent bears his master’s mark- halo of flames- and goes about the lands, sovregin of the barrow-land, raider in all lands upon it’s border. Tyrant after tyrants wears the crown of flames, but birth after birth of hero and bard push back the mmarches.”

“The Last Barrow-Lord is slain by the First Lord of War, and by the coming of the green men not a lifetime later, nothing remains but old stones, bound and smoldering in the soil. None live with the folly to disturb their rest.”

“Q2: what’s the status of spirits in the realm, was the spirit world as dead on Mt Varax as everything was in the future?”

Certainly it wasn’t the same absence of spirit-stuff, but there weren’t any spirits active, either. It is not always the case that spirits are active in the land- they are often sleeping, or elsewhere, even if they have a bond to the land- although this varies with type of sprit, and such. So it is possible Mt Varax was simply a place where no spirits were active- however, Imre would doubt this, since as a remote mountain-top away from the normally dense civilization of the Realm, espeically the Seven Cities, it is if anything an ideal place to find spirits- even the presence of arcane magic is not too great a deterrent, and many spirits don’t mind it one bit. This suggests an absence and surpression of some sort, but since in theory some colonists conducted similar Divine Rites near the coastline of the newre lands, it’s not clear how effective or genuine such an effect is. Imre would need more information, and to commune on the issue in depth. The land closer to the seven cities would likely tell different tales, as well. However, it is worth noting that if there is a genuine Absence, a Shaman encountering it might face serious peril.

“Q3: “Fardale‚Äôs son is protected by Aleph, who is an unknown, but potentially rather formidable paragon tier acanist” So my mental model of things is that paragon tier (esp “rather formidable” paragon tier) people are really thin on the ground in the newer lands, and that even the mid-tier parties were Kings and Queen of Shit Mountain. There were NPCs at and above our level (for ex The Champion and That Legendary Duelist who barely beat Serge and various realmsters) but they were all big deals. If Aleph is now “rfpt”, then in wizarding terms that puts him at least on a level with the boy who crushed the Stormpoint academy, so what the heck is this cipher doing at Fardale. My model tells me I should be really freaking surprised to see that dude at that level. "

Certainly, Aleph is quite notably powerful, but considering who he works for, it’s not that big a surprise in hindsight. A couple of clarifications. Deladra is not higher level than Serge- he’s a better Duelist in the formal, competitive style. He would not hold a candle to serge in the kind of vicious clusterfucks Serge tends to find himself in- although that’s unlikly to console Serge one bit WRT that defeat. The High Champion does seem to be on parity with you, although from what he has said, there are limits to, for instance, how long he can be away from the Arena Temple, and the holy, spirit-soaked sands within.

Aleph is not on par with Alex as he was on Stormpoint- you guys were already high paragon by then iirc. He’s close, and he is exceptional, but he’s literally one of perhaps 3-4 arcanists in the colonies on that level, if that. As perspective, Codura, IMO the most powerful Calod apart from Imre, could probably prove a match for him, as could Arran, Vornskyr, possibly Falraen. That said, he’s clearly a very cunning opponent, as befits a powerful Arcanist of unconventional background.

This is not really surprising, since Baron Fardale is the wealthiest and most well connected of any Baron, border or otherwise- only Dukes have more clout- and even they respect him. Considering the secrets of his land, and the threats of the world, it’s understandable that he’s retained one of the most formidable spellcasters in the land to train and protect his eldest son and heir.

For the record, the actual PC-challenging ‘holy shit who is this person’ characters still living to date have been the High Champion, The Krakken, The Black Bow (in theory), Mordeth, and Hurarn. I might be forgetting someone. Each of these would seem to be on parity with the PCs, one on one. All of them are, arguably, to some degree more limited in their power and threat than the pcs due to it’s nature and scope.

And this is to say nothing of potentially overpowering threats, such as Malderoth seems to represent.

Aleph doesn’t reside in either of those categories, but that doesn’t mean he’s a trivial threat. He’s certainly paragon tier, along with a couple of the Calods, Jagard(sp), Falraen(it is assumed), Alfred, Peldos, ect.

Questions for the GM from Danhenge who plays Devar

“Q1. Is there any precedent for the way that Devar seems to be transforming? Generally in tales or stories, and more specifically in the knowledge of Pelor’s faithful.”

There are ancient tales of halos and light and angellic transfigurations, but Devar’s sect knows that a lot of the dogma and tales of the old faith are propaganda, or have been reshaped for that purpose. For instance, the arcanist faction of the faith has solid arguments that several of those so described were in fact sorcerors. Certainly, the herald unique both because of their apparent power, but also thir role as an Arch-Angel of the Seven, not seemingly, an angel is service of any of the Seven.

“Q2. What do I think the likely reaction of the Church of the Realm to a semi-angelic being is running around. Obviously a lot of them are gonna shout heretic, but I feel like at some point they gotta be straining their credibility.”

Keep in mind that ‘false prophets and angels’ are well established in the Sevenfold Faith- Devar would be wondering how many of those were false- Luridus was likewise labeled, for instance- but the tactic is well established and effective. Additionally, as a Supernal Manifestation, Devar’s powers have certain… ambiguous qualities. Remember- the Astral/Supernal is a partly conceptual space, and people’s views of concepts can vary greatly.

“Q3. What’s the generally suggested power level of the Radiant Host (or whatever it is that the Militant arm of the church of Pelor is called, if I forgot the proper name.) Could Devar take most of them one on one in a fight, or…?”

Most of the Radiant Host would not be a match for Devar alone, or even in a team. There are a lot at Heroic tier, a disturbing but still somewhat comprehnsable amount of Paragons, and a few figures that seem to be a lot more powerful. There are also some like Malderoth and the High Priests who don’t have a rank in the host at present.

“Q4. Given that we know the Three are bound in a mutually restrictive pact (that has been in some way altered recently) is it possible that the Seven have also engaged in some sort of pact or mutually binding oath, vow, or ritual that now drives the Plan?
edit: also I want to have another Hornet Knight Time because I want to know who he is and demand answers!!”

You don’t know much about the Gods and their limitations, but after everthing people have seen and done, and drawing on info you also get fomr your various organizations, it’s a good bet that A)The Gods are not omnipotent/cannot smite at will/everything is not just their whim, and B)They do seem to be bound in some sort of heirachy or alliance, but it’s nature and restrictions are not clear.

PS- Yeah, how about that hornet knight guy . . .

Questions for the GM from Brennon , player of Hyra Thyrn

“1. Has Thyrn felt anything more of the abyss? I mean he’s been getting better at it but his past still haunts him, and he used to have frequent nightmares fueled by both that and the abyss but like, I didn’t think the seal in paragon was a lasting solution or anything beyond a personal one. Has he heard any whispers, had any strange/terrifying dreams, seen any kind of manifestation? Basically where the Heck is the Abyss these days? Speaking of which, what’s with the Realm? They’ve been pretty dang quiet in the direction of Dogs; are the Gnolls no longer their big issue, and the focus for them has just shifted to the Newer Lands colonies?”

Thyrn took greater control of his taint than most, and this means the Abyss can whisper to an influence him less- or so he hopes. This has also cut him off from some of the torment he used to suffer. It’s not as if his taint is not still there, waiting patiently- that was certainly the impression he got when seeing it in the lantern. How long his current level of restraint lasts remains to be seen- he may have slipped further in a certain duel he recently had, had he not resisted. The Realm is around, and active, but you have limited intel on their operations west of the continent. Certainly, their enclaves and semi-allies are around the east cost- although they are certainly capable of long sea crossings.

In both cases, this silence should not be taken as inaction or a lack of threat- quite the contrary. They’re out there, in the dark…. waiting.

“2. Demongraphics: Are you ready for another compound question? So I was always under the impression that while the Gnolls aren’t super populous, they weren’t just the population of like one Ducal Domain (whatever this is exactly). I mean they may not have a lot of small villages and hamlets, in fact like none at all, but their respective capital cities are huge on a size to rival or even pass some of the human ones I thought, and they have several military outposts. Basically I’d like some clarity between what I thought was established and what’s been said recently on that, like how do they stack up against the other races in terms of population levels.”

They’re comparable to Dukedom, that being roughly 5 Baronies, which is pretty fucking big. The population of the Gnolls is comparable to the population of humans in one of the southern Dukedoms, Fjellvar or Stormpoint. Keep in mind that while Therhonen is one of the largest cities on the continent, it’s matched by Prowmeet and Tonerre, and each of those cities is one city among several in their domains, with land between them carpeted by farmland and towns. Baelamar has smaller cities but more of them (each barony’s capital is a decent city), while Fjellvar and Stormpoint have only one to two real cities, but still comparable population density to the gnolls, due to the smaller burgs and villages which dot the landscape.

“Furthermore, how do respective gnolls stack up against other races on an individual level in terms of things like strength or whatnot.”

Certainly gnolls are big scary dogmonsters compared to most people. They’re the most innatly capable warriors on the continent, possibly in the world, and they train well. Physically, they’re quite formidable, although comparable to other more physically capable races, like Dwarves, Elves, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears.

Gnolls have superior reach and speed to any race, matched only somewhat by the Elves, who’s acrobatic mobility sometimes gives them a match for the reach of the gnolls. While gnolls are fast over short distances, their stamina is less than that of a Hobgoblin or Dwarf, who’s march will best the steady lope of the gnolls around the six hour mark.

Their resilience under punishment is on par with the Dwarves- the sons of the stone can take more punishment, especially including magic, poison and the like, while gnolls heal more quickly and easily. Both races can continue to fight with grevious injuries which would incapacitate most, but the goblinkind are far superior in this way, sometimes continuing to struggle for minutes after being disemboweled or even decapitated.

Gnolls match Bugbears in strength, but unless a bugbear gets the drop on a gnoll (quite possible giving their stealth), a gnoll will tend to overbear and maul them, weapons or no.

They are a substantial military threat, esp when you consider that far more gnolls are under arms and mobilized to some degree- although as noted, there are real limits to the gnoll’s ability to sustain logistics over such a range- they forage only about as well as other races, unless there is very large game to be had, which they tend to hunt as easily as they would deer or fowl, due to their reach, mobility, and resilience. They also lack several of the advantages of other races- they do not have cavalry, which is a great equalizer- especially in cases where the gnolls could otherwise be confident of taking numbers greater than their own, such as against goblins.

Their training against armored opponents is impressive, but it’s part of an arms race with their foes, who do far better against the gnolls in armor- although scouts and bugbear assasins rarely have that option. By far their greatest weakness is in logistics of arms- they don’t make, or replace their weapons nearly quickly enough to fight a sustained, total war, especially against heavily armored opponents, who fall to steel far more readily and with less risk, than the use of fangs and talons.

FINALLY, AS A LAST THING, and this is also a bigger one: How does the average human feel about Gnolls now that they kind of barged their way into the scene and saved the duke? Is misinformation on the Gnolls fairly rampant? Is the fact that they carry Demonically Tainted Blood and struggle with it something known? How are their soldiers and blood sorcerers seen? What about prominent figures such as the Khyrr or Thyrn (or Hurarn)?”

Due to the risk they’ve taken coming to the aid of the east, and Thyrn’s presence in events like the slaying of the White Wyrm, and the rescue of the children of the Duke of Tonerre, they’re basically seen as a Noble Warrior Race by many people, notably the Baelmari and the warriors of Champions Rest have long-standing epic cultural touchstones into which the gnolls fit quite well. Others are far more concerned- notably the tribals including the white ravens, who can tell there is an abyssal taint involved, and interacted with them in the post-battle negociations in a far less friendly way.

A key note about these differences if that neither side commonly recognizes the merits of the other’s arguments- those who praise the gnolls scoff at notions of demonic taint as superstition, while those who are concerned about them dismiss the risks they have taken to defeat the warlocks. Also there are a bunch of ‘moderates’ who think that the truth is somewhere in the middle, but just end up endorsing the dumbest viewpoints from the worst people. The view of Gnolls is in other words, a clasic polarizing debate.

Few gnolls are known by name or deed. Hurarn is unknown to anyone who hasn’t met him at the Tower- and that is rare indeed.

“3. I saw you mention a dwarfgame III… what about a Gnollgame? I (personally, and tom also, tom wants gnollgame, hi brennon i dunno about other people) think there’s a lot of interesting stuff in Gnoll history, not to mention there are honestly few developed NPCs beyond Thyrn’s immediate contacts. Even if there’s no way to really fit a one shot just about Gnolls for me in I feel there’s a lot of interesting ground that could be tread (i have huge stacks of paper on this, phone me.) Also time for an
actual question instead: What’s the deal with the place of power in Gnoll lands? Is it usable for some kind of Great Gnoll Work or anything? It’d be neat to get eminent domain on something like this”

Yeah we’ll cert do a gnollgame at some point, maybe more than one. The place of power is apparently off the coastline, and a bit of asking around suggests that the shipwreck Thalda Varax helped to rescue may have been a secret mission the previous Khyrr organized to locate it.

Questions and Answers

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