The Treaty Candle

The Treaty Candle is a device created during the Reconciliation period following the end of the revolution. Created by priets of both the seven gods and the three cosmic gods, the candle was made with beeswax mixed with the ‘essence of the fallen’, with a wick woven from silk and hemp.

The candle was originally a zigguraut, a large, stepped pyramidal, wich each face having inscribed upon it, the details and agreements of the treaty- agreements that would end when the candle burnt down into that layer.

At the thin top-point of the candle were the immediate measures of disengagement- withdrawal of troops, the naturalisation of borders between the loyalist and rebels, and so on. Towards the bottom were the long-term bedrock terms of the treaty- trade agreements, the ratification of the Baronial claim of land, the dispensation of the dwarvern tithe, and so fourth.

As the candle burnt down, various post-war directives were placed aside, and relations between the Sevenfold Realm and the Newer Lands Colonies were normalised. But it has never been exactly clear what would occur when more fudamental agreements- like the cessation of hostilities- came to an end.

The candle was lit 25 years ago in 181 fv: while it is not widely known wether it was intended for precision, but many believe that it was meant to burn for a quarter century. Indeed, it is clear from formal proclamations that it is almost completly burnt down, with only three tiers left.

The highest remaining tier, thord from the bottom, sees an end to numerous minor but long-term agreements made to finalise land claims and similar details after the war ended. Included here are the rights of the peasantry as agreed to by northern dukes and barons, the rights of prisoners or war and justice as agreed to by all lords, and noted exclusions to these rights, such as the exception that Stormpoint gained as a concession- that allows it to treat it’s prisoners and convicts as it sees fit.

The middle, penultimate tier contains all the major agreements that the realm and the newer lands rely on to interact. These agreements garuntee free trade between the two lands, formally recognise the power and claim to the land of the Dukes and Barons, and set the dispensation of the Tithe of Dwarfhome, sharing it equally between the Dukes and the Sevenfold Expeditionary Fleet.

The Lowest, final tier is the cessation of hostilities, the agreement that saw an end to the revolutionary war.

The candle has stood as the bedrock of the peace and law in the newer lands for over a generation. But nobody can say exactly what will happen when the candle goes out.

The Treaty Candle

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