-c400 FV, -100 TYR: The Sevenfold Crusade: formation of the sevenfold realm, the armies of the seven cities of heaven march to war and conquer the continent on which they reside.

-c300 FV: 0 TYR.

-c300 to -c100 FV, 0 to 200 TYR: Sevenfold Realm history.

-c80 FV, 220 TYR: First Goblin war in the lands that will eventually become the newer lands (“coming of the green men”)

-c30 FV, 270 TYR: Exploration by the sevenfold expeditionary fleet around the oceans

0 FV, 300 TYR: First Voyage, official founding of the colony at Prowmeet

50-100 FV, 350-400 TYR: Colonial expansion era

100-110 FV, 400-410 TYR: Dwarfmarch

110 FV, 410 TYR: The second goblin wars

120 FV, 420 TYR: Dorvan’s grandfather born

120-150 FV, 420-450 TYR: Barony wars era

140 FV, 440 TYR: Default birth year for Edwin Malich, Dorvan’s father and uncle, and Pierrot

145 FV, 445 TYR: Events of Dwarfquest

153 FV, 453 TYR: Dominique is born

160 FV, 460 TYR: Third Goblin war

161 FV, 461 TYR: Realm power grab/faction wars heat up

167 FV, 467 TYR: Revolution begins

170 FV, 470 TYR: Default birth year for Thyrn

177 FV, 477 TYR: Imre Calodoccer born.

180 FV, 480 TYR: Default birth year for Dorvan Stonebrow, Serge Marchand, Wil Varis, Iounian Saint, Count of Lark’s Landing, The Doom What Never Came To Prowmeet, Fish-Liar, Ambrose, and Alexander Karvarn (Duke)

181 FV, 481 TYR: Revolution ends, reconciliation era, Lark’s landing destroyed in unexplained incident

182 FV, 482 TYR: Coven founded, Lark’s Landing rebuilt by its lord when he returns from the war

183 FV, 483 TYR: Sevenfold realm observers and others battle heretics invading an observatory in the white raven range

184 FV, 484 TYR: Coven and pirates find hidden altars on faroff island

187 FV, 487 TYR: [T-22] THE COVEN FELL, Jack becomes Malich, default birth year for Devar

188 FV, 488 TYR: Alex Clayton is born

193, 493 TYR: Geeran born, Emilia born

205 FV, 505 TYR: [T-6] The game started, meeting at hovel on the bluff, whitewater war, death of tobias bell, death of Lord Benett

206 FV, 506 TYR: [T-5] The spire shatters, and the cadre split, start of paragon tier

209 FV, 509 TYR: [T-2] The Lich of the Isles falls, the Battle of Seven Armies, goblins are driven north. Start of epic tier

211 FV, 511 TYR: [PRESENT] Beginning of the Pilgrimage.


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