An Eladrin Swordmage, seeking his place in a Realm grown cruel and dangerous.


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Pierrot, level 21
Eladrin, Warlock, Umbral Cabalist, Archlich of Storms
Eldritch Strike Option: Eldritch Strike Constitution
Eldritch Pact Option: Vestige Pact
Arcane Implement Proficiency Option: Arcane Implement Proficiency (heavy blade group)
Twofold Pact Option: Sorcerer-King Pact
Proficiency: Implement Proficiency (Staff)
Tower Graduate (+2 to Arcana)

STR 20, CON 28, DEX 20, INT 22, WIS 20, CHA 20

STR 18, CON 22, DEX 18, INT 12, WIS 18, CHA 16

AC: 34 Fort: 37 Ref: 35 Will: 36
HP: 140 Surges: 15 Surge Value: 35

Arcana +25, Athletics +20, Endurance +24, History +23, Intimidate +20, Religion +21

Acrobatics +15, Bluff +15, Diplomacy +15, Dungeoneering +15, Heal +15, Insight +15, Nature +15, Perception +15, Stealth +15, Streetwise +15, Thievery +15

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Eladrin Racial Power: Fey Step
Warlock’s Curse Power: Warlock’s Curse
Warlock Attack 1: Eldritch Strike
Warlock Attack 1: Eyes of the Vestige
Warlock Attack 1: Hand of Blight
Warlock Utility 2: Caiphon’s Leap
Warlock Attack 5: Hunger of Hadar
Warlock Utility 6: Dark One’s Own Luck
Warlock Attack 7: Sorcerer-King’s Decree
Warlock Utility 10: Ethereal Sidestep
Umbral Cabalist Attack 11: Command of the Abyss
Umbral Cabalist Utility 12: Clarifying Rebuke
Warlock Attack 13: Coldfire Vortex
Warlock Attack 15: Tendrils of Thuban
Warlock Utility 16: Death Shroud Aspect
Warlock Attack 17: Obedience’s Reward
Warlock Attack 19: Vestige of Amaan
Umbral Cabalist Attack 20: Vestige of Kulnoghrim

Level 1: Killing Curse
Level 2: Arcane Implement Proficiency
Level 11: Twofold Pact
Level 11: Twofold Curse
Level 12: Heart of the Blade
Level 12: Improved Defenses
Level 13: Bloodied Boon
Level 14: Dual Implement Spellcaster
Level 16: Eladrin Swordmage Advance
Level 18: Mindbite Scorn
Level 20: Renewed by Blood
Level 21: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Level 21: White Lotus Dueling Expertise
Level 21: Warlock Implement Expertise
Level 21: Implement Focus (Longsword)
Level 21: Cursed Spells
Level 21: Vestige Mastery

Rod of Brutality +4 x1
Cloak of Translocation +4 x1
Mithrendain Steel Longsword +5 x1
Shadowdance Anathema Armor +5 x1
Warlock’s Bracers x1
Ring of Retreat x1
Eladrin Ring of Passage x1
Eladrin Boots x1
Gauntlets of Blood (paragon tier) x1
Circlet of Indomitability (paragon tier) x1
Belt of Vim (heroic tier) x1
Fireheart Tattoo (paragon tier) x1
Flying Hook
Elemental Prism
== End ==


The Master of Storms is dead! Long live the Master of Storms.

Pierrot has a great deal more personal power than he used to, but with it has come responsibility. He’s still half-convinced that preparing the Newer Lands to resist invasion will only hasten it … but is doing it anyway, because it seems correct on balance.

He’s pretty sure it will take a literal crusade against himself, personally, for him to die, though. So that’s pretty cool. It means he can put off for some time the issue of “Well what is the deal with the Blessed Realm, anyway?”


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