Serge Marchand

"I want to give the world a chance at a different future."


==== Serge Marchand ====

Level 25 Human Rogue / Jack of All Trades / Harbinger of Doom
Unaligned, Avandra
Background: Noble, Thief (+2 Insight)


Str: 20 (5)
Dex: 27 (
Con: 20 (5)
Int: 20 (
Wis: 20 (5)
Cha: 21 (

==== Trained Skills ====

Acrobatics +27
Athletics +24
Bluff +29
Diplomacy +24
Endurance +24
Insight +26
Intimidate +24
Perception +24
Stealth +27
Streetwise +24
Thievery +27

Untrained Skills

Arcana, History, Religion, Nature, Dungeoneering, Heal: +19

Languages: Common, Elven (terrible)

=== Racial Traits ===

+2 Any (Dex)
Speed 6, size Medium, normal vision
Defense Bonus: +1 Fort/Ref/Will
Bonus Feat, Bonus Skill, Heroic Effort

Class/Path/Destiny Features

12 + Con HP, 5 HP/level, 6 + Con mod surges

Sharpshooter Talent: +1 to attacks with crossbows, bonus feat Far Shot
First Strike: Gain combat advantage over creatures that haven’t acted yet
Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger: +5 (Cha mod) to AC vs. opportunity attacks
Rogue Tactics: Brutal Scoundrel: +5 (Str mod) to Sneak Attack damage
Sneak Attack: 1/turn, +5d8 damage to attack with combat advantage

Dabbler: You gain a +2 bonus to all skill checks.
Expert Assault: When you spend an AP to gain an extra action, +5 on all skill checks UEONT.
Advanced Dabbler: Train three skills.

Shield of Ill Fortune: If you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, you can reroll it.
You can’t reroll a second natural 1.
If any enemy rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll against you, it
is stunned EOYNT and you can slide it 3 squares as an immediate


Talent: Far Shot (Normal and long ranged weapon ranges each increase by 5)
Human: House Marchand Fencing Style (Proficient: rapier, parrying dagger)
Level 1: Nimble Blade (extra 1 to attack with combat advantage and light blade)
Level 2: Weapon Focus (LB) (
1 damage/tier with light blade)
Level 4: Improved Defenses (1 to Fort/Ref/Will per tier)
Level 6: Melee Training (Melee basic attacks use Dex; half Dex mod to damage)
Level 8: Backstabber (Sneak dice become d8)
Level 10: Action Surge (
3 to attacks gained from spending an AP)
Level 11: Resourceful Leader (Warlord MC; train Warlord skill; when an ally spends an action
point to make an attack, 7 damage to that attack if it hits
or gain 7 temporary hit points if it misses)
Level 12: Deft Blade (Basic attacks with light blade target AC or Reflex)
Level 14: Cunning Stalker (Gain CA over a target when you are the only creature adjacent to it)
Level 16: Expert Sneak (Gain CA over enemies that are deafened, immobilized, slowed,
or weakened)
Level 18: Slaying Action (Use Sneak Attack again on action point)
Level 20: Action Recovery (On AP, make a save against every effect on you a save can end)
Level 21: Versatile Rogue (Choose a second rogue tactic)
Level 22: Martial Mastery (On AP, regain the use of an expended martial encounter power)
Level 24: Superior Initiative (
8 to Initiative)

Perks and Houserules

Expertise: 1/2/+3 to attacks at 1/11/21
Death to Ability Scores: 24/20/20/20/20/20 base ability scores
You’re Epic: If your ED doesn’t have an ability score bonus, gain +1 to attack rolls
Epic Criticals: You crit on a roll of 19 or 20.
Tonerri Courtier: 1/day, use Bluff in place of Diplomacy

Elfgame Plot Points: 0



Melee basic attack: 32 vs. AC or Ref, 2d812 damage
Ranged basic attack: 32 vs. AC, 2d612 damage, range 15/25

Deft Strike: Melee/Ranged, 32/32 vs. AC, 2d8+16/2d6+12 damage,
move 2 squares before attacking

Sly Flourish: Melee/Ranged, 32/32 vs. AC, 2d8+21 damage/2d6+17 damage


Heroic Effort: No action, Trigger: miss with an attack or fail a save;
gain +4 racial bonus to the result of that attack roll or save

Low Slash: Minor action, Melee, 32 vs. Reflex, 1d816 damage, target slid 1 and slowed EONT,
+4 damage if target is flanked

Scoundrel’s Philosophy: Melee, 32 vs. AC, 3d816 damage and make a secondary attack:
Melee, +32 vs. Will, target is dazed UEONT

Tumbling Strike: Minor action, Effect: Shift your speed, even through occupied squares,
ignoring diff. terrain; at any point during the shift make this attack:
Melee, 32 vs. AC, 3d816 damage

Collapsing Riposte: Immediate reaction, Trigger: An enemy misses you with a melee attack.
32 vs. AC, 3d816 damage, and the target is knocked prone and the
target is also dazed UEONT.


Knockout: Melee, 32 vs. Fort, 2d816 damage, target becomes unconscious (save ends); if target
takes damage, it wakes up
Miss: Half damage, target is dazed UEONT

Feinting Flurry: Melee/Ranged, 32/32 vs. AC, 5d8+16/5d6+12 damage.
Until the end of your next turn, the target takes a penalty to all defenses against
your attacks. The penalty equals your Charisma modifier (+5).
Sustain Minor: The penalty persists until the end of your next turn.

Every Trick In The Book: Melee/Ranged, +32/32 vs. all defenses; make one attack roll and compare
against each
Hits AC: 2d8/2d6 damage
Hits Fort: 1d8/1d6 damage, and the target is slowed (save ends)
Hits Ref: 1d8/1d6 damage, and the target is knocked prone
Hits Will: 1d8/1d6 damage, and the target is dazed (save ends)
Effect: You shift 3 squares + 1 for each defense you hit.

Rogue’s Resurgence: Melee/Ranged, 32/32 vs. AC, 4d8+16/4d6+12 damage.
Effect: If you have used all your encounter attack powers, you regain
the use of a rogue encounter attack power you have used during this encounter.
Or if you have combat advantage against the target, you can instead deal 4[W]
extra damage with the attack.


Fast Hands: Free 1/round, draw/stow/pick up items
Swift Parry: Imm. Interrupt 1/encounter, gain +4 to defenses against a melee
attack and gain CA over attacker
Combat Tumbleset: Move 1/encounter, shift your speed, even through occupied squares
Always a Natural: Free 1/encounter, reroll a skill check and take either result
Anticipate Attack: Imm. Interrupt 1/encounter, when hit by an attack, gain +4 to all defenses UEONT
Indomitable Agility: Free 1/day, you are no longer dazed, grabbed, immobilized, marked, restrained, or slowed.
Shift your speed even through enemy squares


Luckblade: Free 2/day: Reroll an attack roll you just made. Must use second result.

Greater luckblade: Imm. interrupt, 1/encounter: Trigger: Hit while bloodied,
enemy rerolls attack and must use second result.

Thunderbolt: Free 1/day when making an attack; make a RBA against another target within 10;
does lightning damage

Thunderbolt: Free at-will: Attacks using this weapon do lightning damage

Blinding strikes: Standard 1/daily, make two melee basic attacks with a -2 penalty

Swiftstrike boots: Move 1/day, teleport 20 squares to a space adjacent to any enemy within LOS

God-scale scabbard: 1/encounter, gain +1 to your next damage roll

Liar’s trinket: no action; when subjected to a divination or scrying attempt, roll Bluff vs.
caster’s Arcana; if you win, the attempt fails

Baldric of tactical positioning: minor 1/encounter, designate an empty square adjacent to you as
an ally for purposes of flanking UEONT

Grace ring: No Action, 1/encounter: if you end a turn without making an attack, gain +5 to your
next save.

Hat of disguise: Standard, at-will: Gain the appearance of any humanoid race of the same size
category as you. Visual illusion only.

Flying hook: Minor, at-will: the hook flies 10 squares (max distance of 20) and attaches to the
surface of an unattended object; it extends a rope back to your
Minor, at-will: the hook detaches and returns to your hand, and the rope retracts.

Couters of second chances: Free, 1/day: reroll an attack roll you just made, with a +2 bonus. You
must use the second result.

Gambler Suit: Imm. reaction, 1/day: Trigger: An enemy hits you with an attack.
Effect: The triggering enemy rerolls the attack roll
and must use the second result. If that result hits,
it is a critical hit.

Ring of regeneration: Regain one healing surge you have already used today. If you have
reached at least one milestone today, you also gain regeneration
10 until the end of the encounter or until you spend a healing surge.

Magic Item Properties

Greater Luckblade: +5d8 critical
Thunderbolt crossbow: +5d6 lightning critical
Gambler’s suit: When you make at least two saves, you can gain +2 bonus to the first and -2 to the second
Swiftstrike boots: +5 to speed until the end of your first turn in an encounter.
Godscale scabbard: Draw a weapon from this in the same action as you attack with it
Liar’s trinket: +5 Bluff, item appears nonmagical unless beaten by a DC 33 arcana check
Hat of disguse: +5 to bluff checks to pull off a disguise
Grace ring: +1 to saves vs. daze/stun
Ring of regeneration: +3 to healing surge value

=== Inventory ===

The Honor-blades
Greater luckblade rapier 5 (3 prof, 1d8 damage)
Luckblade parrying dagger 3 (2 prof, 1d4 damage, defensive, off-hand)

Stormkin of the Elves
Thunderbolt hand crossbow 5 (2 prof, 1d6 damage, load free, range 15/25)

Severed Fate
Liar’s trinket, 5 (5 Fort, Ref, Will)

Third-Best Swordsman in the World
Gambler’s suit starleather armor (Leather; +4 armor, +6 enhancement)
Gloves of blinding strikes
Swiftstrike boots
Baldric of tactical positioning
Couters of second chances

Godscale scabbard
God-skin hat
Grace ring of salvation
Ring of regeneration
Hat of disguise
Hobgoblin climbing device (flying hook x2)

Glowstone (3)
Potion of recovery (3) (consumable/minor: spend 1 HS, gain 50HP and save against all save-ends effects)

Floating lantern (at-will: shed bright light to 10 squares, dim to 5, or extinguish;
move: lantern moves up to 10 squares, but not more than 10 from you)
Adventurer’s kit (I have a rope and I know how to use it)
Thieves’ tools (+2 Thievery checks to open locks, disable devices)
A bandolier of the finest dwarven crossbow bolts

Quick Reference

HP 152/152 (0 temp), Surges 11/11 (heals 41)
AC 41 Fort 36 Ref 41 Will 36
+5 AC vs. OAs

Passive Insight: +36
Passive Perception: +34
Initiative: +27

Action Points: 1 (+3 to attacks gained from an AP, +5 to skill checks UEONT,
make a save against every effect, regain expended martial encounter power)

Melee basic, rapier: 32 vs. AC or Ref, 2d812 damage
Ranged basic, hand crossbow: 32 vs. AC, 2d612 damage, range 15/25


One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one’s youth. At various points in his life, Serge has been a squire, a gambler, a fencing instructor, a wanderer, a second-story man, a cheat, and a liar. All of that changed one day when he received a letter telling him to go to the town of Hovel-on-the-Bluff in the far reaches of Baelamar.

Since then he’s fought warlocks, demons, and dragons; helped repel an invasion of a city; been on trial and acquitted; attracted the attention of an enigmatic god; helped to extirpate a nest of vampires and got made a count for his trouble; and, with his friends and advisors, won the day at the Champion’s Games of Kord. Now, the people call him Dragonslayer or Champion, his detractors call him an Adventurer, and his father still calls him a good-for-nothing waste of breath.

Recently he was raised Baron of Lefent and went on a diplomatic junket overseas to the Realm. While there he all but ensured that the war threatening everybody will happen sooner, rather than later. He’s telling himself that it’s better than the alternative so that he can sleep at night.

He’s the third-best swordsman in the world, and so far he hasn’t run into anything, be it ghost, demon, dragon, or wizard, that won’t go down to three feet of steel in the eye. But don’t even think about saying the word “swan” in his hearing.

Serge Marchand

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