People and Places



Ulgir Yigori: Stormpoint military liaison. Present at the battle of Granite Bluff, where the Chevalier Du Dayton fell. One of only three Stormpointing cavalrymen to survive the final stand.
Franchesika Gradova: Represents the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Tiberius “Tibbers” Rynar: Dissolute son of a once-noble family, fought with Aidan the Red (Larks’ Landed) for control of Lefent. After the Champions took the town, Tiberius was given responsibility by Baron Serge for hiring and training mercenaries. Squabbles with Julien (Larks’ Landed).


The Duke of Tonnere:
Lord Dayton: Tonerri minor noble. Firstborn son of Chevalier Du Dayton, who fell at Granite Bluff. Vassal of the Marquis L’Marche. Brother to Stuart Dayton (Wizards) and Astrid Dayton (Larks’ Landed).
Marquise “Fifi” L’Fume: Tonerri noble.
Marquis L’Marche: Tonerri Baron, present after the battle of Granite Bluff. His land borders on Fardale and Lefent, and he aided the movement of Edward’s troops during the Goblin War. Liege lord of Lord Dayton.


Jean-Claude El’Dar: Prowmeet print shop owner. Husband of Marie.
Marie El’Dar: Other Prowmeet print shop owner. Wife of Jean-Claude.

Larks’ Landed

Astrid Dayton: Third child of the Chevalier Du Dayton. Sister to Lord Dayton (Tonerri) and Stuart Dayton (Wizards). Commander of the Guard.

People from Whitewater

Lord Aiden Benett: Hero and warleader in the revolution. Highly honored and feared for this might, bloodlust, and ambition, but netralized by the Karvarn in political maneuvers afterwards. Grew old and bitter, began to dabble in alchemy and hersey, until being swept up in a plot relating to Tobias Bell, and Falraen Avandranel. Disgraced by the dragonslayers, and Maimed and Humiliated in a duel by Serge Marchand, apparent suicide was revealed to be a vampiric embrace which returned him to life as a powerful vampire Lord. Clashed with the heroes several times, before being put down in Lefent. Body was dismembered, with pieces buried under holy shrines at crossroads across the land.

People From Greetwood

Sir Dougal: Cheerful knight, sallied forth to help fight the hobgoblins on the approach to Balkoroth. Thinks gnolls are just the best, was saved by Hyra Thyrn after a pitched battle with the goblins.


Durnil: Iounite priest who was claimed by Grandmother Jay, spirit of Cryptic and Riddles, while visiting Blacklake. Returned to the priesthood, frightened and repentant. He was pardoned and Chosen by Ioun.


Father Dearborn: Former high priest of the Raven Queen in Prowmeet. Ran it as an almost completely secular organization, a sort of guild of stonemasons, undertakers, and undead fighters. Lost his job to Dominique, who sent him to Lefent to help build the church there.
Algram Wingblade: Former right hand man (?) to Father Dearborn. Disagreed with him over doctrine and priority. Still working in Prowmeet.


Stuart Dayton: Second son of the Chevalier Du Dayton. Brother to Lord Dayton (Tonerri) and Astrid Dayton (Larks’ Landed).

Realm Nobles

Manceas Alzarien: Important member of House Alzarien. Uncle to Pierrot. Survived an assassination attempt by an Iorid humanoid Auton and several Ifrits thanks to the intervention of the Champions.
Salim Al-Faris: Second son of the Grand Vizier of the greater province of Avandra. Heir to his father’s regency. Offered personal protection to Manceas Alzarien immediately following the attempt on his life.
Hakim Al-Faris: Oldest son of the Grand Vizir of the greater province of Avandra. Abdicated his claim to his father’s seat in preference for a broder role in realm politics. Former rival of Aldric Tanner for the position of Blood Archon of Humanity. Unexpected loss to Tanner rumored to prompt a return to more local politica focus.

Minor Groups

The Realm

The Iorid: Artificer clan par excellence. Were having difficulty providing Manceas Alzarien with the residuum he required, for an unknown purpose.
House Insigni: Eladrin backed Artificer clan known for high magical golems.
House Andara: Church backed, in theory, and andara focus on high grade physical golems. Control of the house is unclear due to the self-imposed quasi-exile of much of the Avandran clergy following the revolution.

The Five Champions of Liberty!

Officially bequeathed the rights and authority to perform counter-aggressive acts against the Realm and its agents, originally granted to the FCL! by the Colonial Revolutionary Council during the first rebellion, to the Exalted Solar Champions. This included the names and contact information of a number of sleeper agents in the colonies, set down against the need for a second rebellion.

Tolgar the Blind: Member of the Five Champions of Liberty!.
Valhallo the Elder: Member of the Five Champions of Liberty!
Rory the Swift: Member of the Five Champions of Liberty!
Jarvud the Eagle: Member of the Five Champions of Liberty!
Kursak the Beast: Member of the Five Champions of Liberty!


Strange Vagrant: This guy keeps hanging around. Who is he. Who is he????
Ifrits: Veiled assassins of unknown origin.

People and Places

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